Mar 18, 2009

We The People

Here is a great video put together and posted on YouTube called
'We the People stimulus package'
and it is a commentary on the issues of today. However, it's written and delivered as if it were founding father Thomas Paine’s reaction to the events of today.
WATCH this video!!!

UPDATE: There is a digital tea party happening and more information is coming. The 9/12ers are saying great idea about the tea bags. Don't mail them into Washington, though. Instead of mailing the actual tea bag, take a photo of one and send it in or empty the tea bag and send it in. If you do anything in an envelope, they are not going to see I. If you send it on their servers, they will see it. You clog their servers and they will see that. They will get the message that there's a lot of people there. The post office must deliver the mail, no weird substance in it, though. Actually since 9/11 the mail doesn't go -- it's going to be a bunch of people off site in a warehouse in Virginia that actually sees everything.

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  1. This guy is amazing, just watched him on Glen Beck and also watched Beck's interview with the
    two pardoned border guards who were so wrongly convicted of their actions while guarding our borders and safety. Something is wrong when the criminals testify against the good guys.
    Keep up the good work,Connie!


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