Sep 30, 2009

SwineFlu Vaccination Roulette

Vaccinate your kids or they'll be kicked out of school. I say good riddance to the Political Indoctrination System anyway. Homeschooling may be our only choice to avoid having our kids contaminated with, who knows what, untested chemicals, and what long term effects their experiments will have on them.
Who knows what the side effects will be on an untested 'rush' vaccine.

Come to think of it, New Jersey is where they teach the kids to praise Obama as well.

Sep 27, 2009

Economic crisis spurs spike in 'Suburban Survivalists'

Jim Wiseman has taken to survivalism quickly, storing grain and other foods in his garage in La Jolla, Calif.
"We have no real causal understanding of the way our world works at all," said Markman, a professor at the University of Texas. "When times are good, you trust that things are working, but when times are bad, you realize you don't have a clue what you would do if the supermarket didn't have goods on the shelves and that if the banks disappear, you have no idea where your money is."

Sep 24, 2009


What a difference a President makes....

Take 2 minutes to watch this comparison between George Bush's visit to the Marines vs. Obama's recent trip. It is incredible.

The Marines Show You How .... There's a 'message' in this video. You might want to view it ASAP as it's not likely to last very long on YouTube.

It's not about Democrate vs. Republican nor about's about TRUST.

Sep 21, 2009

Cap-and-Trade Impact on Jobs

Cap and trade is an environmental measure that looks to cut down on pollution from U.S. companies. It would meet that goal by putting a "cap" on how much carbon businesses can emit. (And the 'trade' part is where companies that produce more than others can 'trade' the difference and the impact on the environment will be the SAME...the only difference will be in the money that brokers will charge to create a new commodity and we get to pay their wages by increased prices.)

Proponents say it needs to be done to protect the environment, but those against the measure say it will be far too expensive. A big concern is that the bill could result in job losses. (...for the little people, but not WallStreet types or the Al Gores that have been gearing up for this.)

The idea is to have a positive impact on greenhouse gas pollution, but many say government regulations would have a negative impact on the country. "It does control the carbon, but in effect people are going to end up paying for it. It's going to cost people somewhere. It's not free," said University of Nebraska-Lincoln agricultural economist Matt Stockton.

Changing to greener practices or paying the price to pollute would cost these corporations. Those costs could be handed down. "Really to consumers in general. It's a deliberate attempt to increase the cost of energy with the objective of coercing people into using less energy," said Representative Adrian Smith.

Using less energy drives demand down, something proponents of cap and trade say isn't a bad thing. "We need energy reform. We need to end our dependence on foreign oil," said Brad Johnson, climatologist at the Center for American Progress. (That being the case, than why not take stimulus money and build oil refineries and develop new oil fields here. OIL is the only commodity we rely on OTHER countries for. Don't mess with power plants and natural gas.)

But, becoming more efficient means some may lose their jobs. "There's less demand and there will be less growth in that industry. There's going to be loss of jobs," said Stockton. (Less growth period = domino effect)

Another concern is those jobs going to other countries. Countries that don't have restrictions. "If you put enough costs on production then production goes to another country. It goes to another place where it's cheaper," Stockton said.

Supporters say these companies are aleady employing less people as they find ways to do business at a lower cost. They also believe this plan would create jobs. Stockton isn't buying it. "I don't know if you create any new jobs. You just change where they work."

It's impossible to predict the number of jobs that could be lost. It's also impossible to predict if that number would equal the amount of new employment established. It comes down to personal conviction and deciding what price you're willing to pay. (and how much added expense going to that job makes it a loose-loose scenario)

Sep 19, 2009

"Beyond the Law" Constitution 101

From Peg Luksik's Kitchen Table , reprinted with permission.
It's great news to see a candidate for the U.S. Senate
expressing the true "philosophy embodied in the Declaration
and of the nature and purpose of the Constitution."


Beyond the Law
May 12, 2009

It has been said that it is unfortunate that the Founding Fathers did not include the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the Constitution because if they had, we would not be having many of the debates dividing the country today. That statement is true on the surface, but reflects a complete misunderstanding of the words and philosophy embodied in the Declaration and of the nature and purpose of the Constitution.

The Declaration states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men…”
Almost everyone knows the words of that portion of the document by heart. And almost no one stops to think about what those words actually are telling us.

The men who wrote and signed the Declaration listed three unalienable rights which they said were endowed by a Creator. They were saying that those rights were beyond the authority of any government to abridge or deny. Every human person came into existence in full possession of his unalienable rights, and no government had any business whatsoever acting in any way that did not recognize that fact.

The same basic group of men came together to write the Constitution – the document that would tell the government how to act in accordance with the philosophy described in the Declaration. The Constitution was the “owner’s manual” for those employed to carry out the Declaration’s philosophy of government.

The Constitution COULD NOT include a listing of the unalienable rights of human persons because the existence of those rights was beyond the scope of a government “how to” manual. If we remember that the Constitution is an amendable document, it is easier to recognize why unalienable rights cannot be included inside it. If we can remove an “unalienable right” by amending a Constitution, then that “right” is no longer “unalienable”. It is conditional.

The Bill of Rights lists the particular rights that citizens must be accorded to enable them to preserve and protect their “unalienable” ones. We are not endowed by our Creator with the unalienable right to free assembly, we are endowed with the unalienable right to liberty, and the ability to freely assemble gives us one of the tools we need to preserve the unalienable right.

That is not saying that the Bill of Rights is not critically import ant. It is. But it is so important because it helped to ensure that America’s citizens would always have the tools they needed to keep the government from reaching beyond its authority and invading the realm of personal unalienable rights.

It is one of the saddest commentaries on the decline of our understanding of and adherence to America’s founding principles that we no longer recognize that such things as unalienable rights – rights beyond the scope of any government – even exist. It’s as if we have ceded our lives, our liberty, and ability to pursue happiness to the state without a single shot being fired.

One wonders if our Founding Fathers would be ashamed of us.

Sep 17, 2009

NEWS ALERT: Missle Shield

Obama Abandons Third-Site Missile Shield in Poland, Czech Republic.
(we will have to see if this makes the headlines today....)

Last month news outlets in Poland reported that the Obama administration had made the decision to abandon our anti-missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. Today Czech Premier Jan Fischer confirmed those reports telling reporters that President Obama phoned him overnight to say that “his government is pulling out of plans to build a missile defense radar on Czech territory.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration is justifying its decision on their determination that Iran’s long-range missile program hasn’t progressed as rapidly as previously estimated. This despite the facts that:

On February 2nd, Iran successfully launched a satellite into orbit using a rocket with technology similar to that used in a long-range ballistic missile.
On May 20th, Iran test-fired a 1200-mile solid-fueled two-stage ballistic missile.
On July 15th, Germany’s foreign intelligence service, BND, announced that Iran will be able to produce and test a nuclear weapon within six months. BND also stated that it has “no doubt” that Iran’s missile program is aimed solely at the production of nuclear warheads.
On August 3rd, The Times of London reported that Western intelligence sources concluded that Iran has not only perfected the technology to build and detonate a nuclear weapon, could assemble a weapon in just six months, and could deliver the weapon on Iran’s Shebab-3 ballistic missile.
Just yesterday French President Nicolas Sarkozy said: “It is a certainty to all of our secret services. Iran is working today on a nuclear [weapons] program.”
The only country other than Iran that is happy with President Obama’s decision is Russia. State Duma foreign affairs committee head Konstantin Kosachev told the Associated Press: “The U.S. president’s decision is a well-thought (out) and systematic one. Now we can talk about restoration of (the) strategic partnership between Russia and the United States.” But, in fact, the missile defense capitulation is just one in a long line of Obama surrenders to Russia. Heritage Fellow Ariel Cohen explains from Moscow:

"All these concessions the Russians pocketed, smiled, and moved on to new demands: European security reconfiguration; additional global reserve currency which would weaken the dollar; and a strong push-back on sanctions against the Iranian nuclear program. …. While the Russians clearly like the better atmospherics, and somewhat toned down the shrill anti-American rhetoric, the Iranians and the Venezuelans, who also received Obama’s “stretched hand” and, in case of Hugo Chavez, a pat on the back, are refusing to play ball. They, like their friends in Moscow, are also pocketing concessions while continuing the mischief."

The decision to abandon the “third site” deployment of 10 missile interceptors in Poland and a radar in the Czech Republic violates President Obama’s pledge to support missile defense that is “pragmatic and cost-effective.” Ground based missile defense is effective, affordable, and available now. According to the Congressional Budget Office, alternatives to the third site do not provide a comparable level of defense. The CBO concluded that the estimated $9-14 billion 20-year cost of the third site was half of the estimated costs of a sea-based alternative. Abandoning our best missile defense option in Europe only encourages Iran to speed up their ballistic missile program so that they can get their threat in place before a European missile defense system is available.

The Poles and the Czechs know what it means to live under the boot of Russian domination. The third-site issue is of huge symbolic importance to both nations, and if Moscow emerges the victor, with an effective veto over U.S. policy in Europe, it would represent a massive surrender of American strategic influence and a betrayal of two of its closest friends in the region.

Go to for more on missile defense, the threat posed to us and our allies by nuclear weapons, and the action plan necessary to revive a strategic missile defense system that only America can develop, maintain, and employ for its own defense and the peace-loving world’s security.

They all warned us that Obama was clueless on Foreign and Military Matters!


"In a world with nuclear weapons, America must continue efforts to defend against the mass destruction of its citizens and our allies."

--Barack Obama, "Barack Obama and Joe Biden on Defense Issues," from

If the U.S. or its allies were attacked with ballistic missiles carrying WMD warheads, the world would be forever transformed. The American people would be rather unforgiving of a President who failed to demonstrate that he had done his utmost to field a defense against such an attack, and a successful attack on an ally would almost certainly undermine the credibility of U.S.

According to an August 2008 public survey, 87 percent of Americans think the U.S. should have a missile defense system that is capable of protecting America against missiles that may contain weapons of mass destruction (WMD) warheads.

Sep 13, 2009

9/12 Tea Movement -DO YOU HEAR US NOW!

The Tea Party Movement went to Capitol Hill today, and although we're still awaiting an official estimate from park police, several news agencies are reporting the crowd at 2 MILLION! Contrast that with the so-called "Million Man March" which had about 400,000 people. If the 2 million figure is correct, it breaks the largest crowd record ever in Washington, DC. Ironically, the Obama inauguration drew about 1.8 million people less than 8 months ago.

“As far as I know this is the largest gathering of fiscal conservatives in history,” said FreedomWorks spokesman Adam Brandon.

Even The New York Times is acknowledging the enormous rally of patriotic Americans denouncing Obama's and the Democrats' big government solutions and totalitarian policies, although they are definitely lowballing the crowd size.
Tens of thousands of people from across the country arrived here Saturday to demonstrate against what they say is an ever-expanding intrusion of government in their lives in a culmination of a summer-long season of protests that began with an opposition to health care and grew into a broader dissatisfaction with Washington.

A sea of people stretched along Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White House on a cloudy and cool day, with scores of hand-written signs telling of their frustration. They sang verse after verse of patriotic songs like “God Bless America,” even as others shouted angry criticisms of President Obama and Congress.

“I want Congress to be afraid,” said Keldon Clapp, 45, an unemployed marketing representative who recently moved to Tennessee from Connecticut after losing his job. “Like everyone else here, I want them to know that we’re watching what they’re doing. And they do work for us.”

As Mr. Obama traveled to Minnesota on Saturday to rally support for his health care plan, he flew over the crowd in Marine One. The helicopter could be seen flying overhead as the demonstrators made their way toward Capitol Hill from downtown Washington.
Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) spoke at the rally, "The president has warned us if we disagree with him he's going to call us out. Well, Mr. President, we are out."

Sep 12, 2009

9/12 Remembering "WE THE PEOPLE"

This is one of the best videos I have viewed recently...says just about everything about America......please take a couple minutes, view it and pass it on. Please watch it to the end... God bless America...let us do more than have her back, let us go on the offensive to ensure she is protected......

Glenn Beck will be anchoring the coverage of 9-12 events, live on Fox News on September 12, 2009 from 1-3pm ET. Visit

Hyperinflation...the Bubble WILL Burst!

The Great Depression
Nobel Laureate James Buchanan has endorsed a new study by UK free-market think tank the Institute for Economic Affairs that argues the Obama administration is making the same mistakes that were made in dealing with Depression #1. A key paragraph from the report:

"In particular, the authors, economists Charles Rowley of George Mason University and Nathanael Smith of the Locke Institute, claim that the White House's plans to pour hundreds of billions of dollars of cash into the economy will undermine it in the long run. They say that by employing deficit spending and increased state intervention President Obama will ultimately hamper the long-term growth potential of the US economy and may risk delaying full economic recovery by several years."

I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but as I see it, the day of the 'strong dollar policy' is gone. What would go the largest distance toward economic recovery in America would be a nice bout of dollar devaluation. Yup, that's right, inflation.
Here's why:
A 50% inflation managed as quickly as possible would increase the minimum wage to north of $10/hour.
A 50% inflation would mean people would still have equity in their homes.
A 50% inflation would effective double the price of foreign-made goods and bring jobs back to America.
Oh, and it would cause much lower consumption levels of energy since its costs, too, would be going up.

Then put some dough into things like solar panel manufacturing, a mandatory refit of every home in America to bring insulation up to snuff - there's no end of real work to be done. Even a movement pushing a few federal bucks in the direction of local -sustainable -agriculture would be nice.

Fortunately, no one will listen to my suggestions; they'll just come out that way in the end, so rather than embrace the concepts now, we're going to go squabbling and arguing down that path anyway. Gold will soar, energy will soar, food will become dear or scarce, and the average person will ask "Gee, how'd that happen?" Which is why average people are just that: average.

If you can stomach more $$ and Part two of the HyperInflation series, watch this next YouTube.

Ask yourself WHY our US Agriculture stores are at the lowest they have been in decades...then ask why are they shutting down Calif's bread basket in a year that the state is going bankrupt? Watch part 3...

Prepare now before the US dollar is worthless.
The Truth is not what they reported in todays news.

Sep 10, 2009

Rep. Burton Slams Obama on U.S. House Floor Over Van Jones, Radical Czars

You ARE who you associate with! They are finally chipping away at the REAL agenda of the Obama administration!

“On Sept. 8, 2009, Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN-05) addressed the U.S. House about the concerning history of self-proclaimed radical Van Jones, who resigned from his post as green jobs czar in the Obama administration on Sept. 6, 2009.”

Sep 9, 2009

Enumerated Powers Act

Let's force Congressmen to support HR450 - the Enumerated Powers Act - which requires citing Constitutional authority for all new legislation.

"As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron."
H.L. Mencken (1880 - 1956)

(He died not knowing how truly prophetic his statement was)

Sep 2, 2009

Barack Talk school kids!

Socialist indoctrination, that's what it is!
President Obama has planned a personal "unprecedented address" to all public school students on September 8. K through 6th graders are his target and most impressional age groups to speal his environmental, charity socialist values and equalizing agenda to little ears that only digest and remember the target words. Last thing I want my kids hearing is what patriotism is from a guy who has a problem with wearing a flag on his lapel.....and asking for a pledge to Himself and the Government. We the People, no matter what age, will not pledge to 'anything' other than the FLAG!

Looks like a longer Labor Day weekend for my kids....they will love the extra day off!
This Speech is not mandatory by the schools, they say.... happens by video/tv feed on Sept 8th.
I'm not going to the school and make a big stink about it either. Silent Boycott. If they want to add politics as a special event to the school day, then they can start with making the The Pledge of Allegiance a daily event!!