Mar 24, 2009

Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin

#1 on the Top Ten List....a great Read for today!
Mark Levin, has written a book assuring us that the liberties we thought we were ours, are in fact ours. But we may have to fight for them in the short term.

He has documented the facts and has counseled on ways we can legally reinforce our rights as given by the Constitution.

Please read this book. Mark Levin is the real deal. He, more than those who "run" our country, cares about where we go as a country.

Timely primer on the crucial issues of our time.
Levin presents a logical case, laid out professorially and methodically, that reveals how far America has gone from its original purpose as a birthplace of liberty towards a dronelike existence under the power of smiling dictators.

Buy a copy for every intelligent person you know.
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