Mar 27, 2009

All The Presidents Men (the ghosts behind Obama)

Where are all the Deep Throats and young reporters like Woodward and Bernstein?? With all that is going on in Washington....where are all the reporters willing to search for the BIG story? There are hundreds of situations that make Watergate look like no big deal, corruption is everywhere! My god, there is Pulitzer material wherever you look!

Here's the full The Watergate Story.

Todays Democrats and All The Presidents Men(the ghosts behind Obama), should be scared to death of the wrath of the People when they get found out for the plan/reasons behind all the Power Grabbing that is going on today!

"Whether ours shall continue to be a government of laws and not of men is now before Congress and ultimately the American people."
—Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox after his firing, Oct. 20, 1973

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