Mar 16, 2009

America's Food Supply - Are YOU Ready?

Are you aware that the food supply in America is dangerously low and that there is only a three week supply of food in the national food distribution network? Grocery stores have about a one week supply of food in their stores. The slightest disruption could trigger a breakdown of our food distribution network, which could lead to empty shelves at the supermarkets. Heck, we see this happen when a blizzard hits in this part of the country. Now throw in any Event; a terriost attack, power shortage, economic or natural disaster. Are YOU ready?

There is a growing concern in America about world events, natural disasters, terrorism, and the economy. Families, businesses, and schools are starting to realize the importance of prudent planning for the future. Long term food and water storage is another form of insurance for us and our families. In fact, it is probably the most important investment we can make - given the fact we won't survive long without food and water. It doesn't matter what your wealth is, it won't keep you alive in a crisis - think about it.

Our social structure is extremely vulnerable to events over which we have no control. The systems we created to support our basic needs are so complex and fragile that a serious emergency could cause breakdowns in the supply of essential goods and services. If there was a financial collapse, money could become worthless.

Finding food in bad times would be extremely difficult, especially in light of the non-existent food reserves in this country. Most households today have less than a week's supply of food on hand. How much of this parishable should the power go out?

Make sure you are "prepared" for any emergency and be able to provide essential food and water for you and your family to survive. We suggest at least a three month supply of storable food per person. I will be adding 'Lists' over the next few weeks of what every household needs to place in a Survivor please stop back. Save this blog to your favorites or choose the Follow this blog in the box in the left column.

Remember, it is better to buy in advance rather than one day too late. Be prepared! If you are indecisive about whether to make a food and water storage investment for you and your family, ask yourself the following simple question, it may help you decide:

Would you rather have it and not need it, or need it and not have it?


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