Jun 28, 2009


Well, It Passed!
No Republicans voted for it plus 30 Dems with 11 not bothering to show up and vote. (8D&3R's) But then without READING the bill before voting...all the votes should have been no. Who does that?? Would you sign your name to anything without reading it first, let alone the most controversial piece of legislation in history?!


Looky what I found buried in the HR 2454...

Energy Refund Program and Entitlements-the Largest Welfare Program in History
The bill provides for the Secretary of HHS, in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture to provide monthly cash payments ("energy stamps") to reimburse certain low-income households for the estimated loss in their purchasing power resulting from H.R. 2454. The bill establishes uniform national standards of eligibility to ensure that States may "seamlessly" administer the "energy-stamps" program with the Food Stamp program. The bill establishes eligibility for individuals at 150 percent of poverty, and phased out thereafter. The energy stamps program would reach approximately 65 million individuals making it a larger program than TANF, food stamps, or even Medicaid. Despite its massive scope, over 200 million Americans would receive no benefits under this program. The bill would also require the EIA to estimate the annual total loss in purchasing power that would result from this bill for households of each size with gross income equal to 150 percent of poverty based on the projected total market value of all compliance costs (including cost of emission allowances) for determination of monthly energy refund amount. The bill provides that cash should be delivered by direct deposit into individual accounts, the State's electronic benefit transfer system, or another Federal or State mechanism approved by the HHS Secretary. The bill provides that the value of the refund shall not be considered income or resources for purposes of Federal, State or local laws.

then, all the heals of all the voting.....


Washington, D.C., June 24, 2009—The Competitive Enterprise Institute today charged that a senior official of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency actively suppressed a scientific analysis of climate change because of political pressure to support the Administration’s policy agenda of regulating carbon dioxide.

Are you pissed yet? Be resolved!

The more "bad" legislation that is passed, the easier it will be in 2010 to use the voting record to hold our representatives accountable.

Has anyone ever thought about the fact that other countries would have to do the same thing they want us to do in order to help so-called global warming. The US is only 1 country in a very large world and these stupid people in D.C. think it would do any good if only we did it! And at what COST do we need be the ones to set example for the rest of the world to follow suit? Either they are very dumb or they think we are! ....and soon the rest of the world will think we are all dumb too.

Jun 26, 2009

Call Now! Cap and Trade Nightmare!

TODAY, Congress will vote on the destructive cap-and-tax legislation. You know it's horrible. You know it will destroy prosperity. You know it will enable the government to transform the economy—which is never a good idea. You know it will cause energy prices to soar.

And you know what to do. If you have the time, please contact to your Representatives as this debate unfolds. The Capitol Switchboard number is (202) 224-3121.

Also, here is a list of key votes that, based on this morning's key procedural vote, need to be focused on. Please help! The nation's future prosperity depends on it:

Please, this just may be one of the most important calls you could make in your life. I AM NOT JOKING! The passing of this bill will sink the US deeper into recession and may ultimately destroy us. If this sounds like a scare tactic, GOOD! Make the call. Tell your representative that if they vote on this bill they will never again see see a vote from you, so long as you live.

President Barack Obama has made the measure a top priority of his first year in office. The president, along with White House aides and House Democratic leaders scrambled for the votes to assure passage. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has pledged to pass the bill passed before lawmakers leave on their July 4 vacation.

Jun 24, 2009



Lloyd Marcus is a singer, a songwriter, a patriot, and supporter of the Tea Party movement. Mr. Marcus is a dedicated conservative. Mr. Marcus is also African-American.

Janene Garofalo called all Tea Party participants "Racists" in a now infamous interview with Keith Olbermann. Lloyd Marcus was not amused and even wrote a letter to Ms. Garofalo. Read it HERE.
Mr. Marcus did more than just write a letter, however. He wrote a song. His song is now the Tea Party Anthem. It debuted worldwide yesterday on YouTube.

"Rick Santelli's rant ignited a fire across America. I, like my fellow patriots, was outraged by the Obama administration's hijacking of our Freedom, Liberty and Culture! While driving to Walmart, I wrote the lyrics and melody. Fearful of forgetting, what I felt was a great song, I called my recording studio and sang the song on the answering machine. I'm a talk radio and Fox news listener. Thus, I am pretty in tune with the feelings and concerns of my fellow conservatives," says Mr. Marcus.

"Upon hearing my anthem, my brilliant producer and long time friend, Frank Starchak, said he felt it was a gospel/rock song. Frank played all of the instruments. Due to scheduling problems and my deadline (having it ready for the March 21st Orlando Tea party), Jen Stackpole and I sang all of the voices."

'“American Tea Party Anthem” debuted on Orlando radio on a Tuesday, "Bud Hedinger Live!” By Thursday the song was featured on World Net Daily. Then, the bloggers embraced it. The following week it was a hit on YouTube and I was getting requests to perform it at Tea Parties around the country," says Marcus

From there Lloyd Marcus, put the song together for the worldwide debut on YouTube.

"Being a black man has made me a part of this (Tea Parties). There aren't a lot of black folk being outspoken," Mr. Marcus said.

Lloyd Marcus' new Tea Party Unity Song - "We The People"

Jun 18, 2009


Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, Americans were “inspired” by the promise of a better life. A wife, a house, two cars, and children to whom it would all be passed down were the “inspiration” which compelled common men to spend long hours toiling in fields, shops, factories and other places, enduring hardships and pain, in hope of fulfilling a better life for themselves and their family. Their “perspiration” in pursuit of what would later become known as “the American dream” is what propelled America into a great industrial empire that by the early 20th century had become the envy of the world. It was American “inspiration” and “perspiration” which produced numerous technological marvels which continue to impact the world to this day. We saw the development of the automobile, the assembly line, the first silent movie, the radio, which gave way to the television, the telegraph which gave way to the telephone, and eventually the Internet.

During the 20th century, we were told and taught that America was the land of “opportunity.” We were promised that we could be dirt poor, possess nothing but the clothes on our back and a dogged determination to work hard, and nothing would be impossible. Many foreigners bought into the promise of the “dream” and applied for citizenship. Others drown on makeshift rafts, risked firing ranges and various means of torture in an effort to reach our shores, seek refuge and escape the clutches of totalitarian, authoritarian, and communist rule in pursuit of “the American dream.”

As the 20th century wore on, there were many warning signs along the way which should have awakened the people to the reality that something was amiss with their republic. Long forgotten was the veiled warning of Benjamin Franklin when, on that fateful day in September of 1787, at the door of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, he told the anxious Mrs. Powel that we’ve given you “a republic, if you can keep it.”

The 21st century began with a bang. An orchestrated act of “terrorism” turned the world into a den of bogeymen. Suddenly, we were given a dire warning: a myriad of Mohammads, camel-riding cave dwellers with flight manuals and box cutters in tote, a bearded CIA asset named Bin Laden, whose family just happened to be business partners with the White House executive — all purportedly “wanted us dead.” We were told we were in a new war for our “freedom,” but that we would have to relinquish that freedom to remain safe. Again, Americans ignored the words of Franklin when he admonished that “they that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” We were groped, scanned, databased, profiled, and surveilled. But Americans didn’t worry. They flew their communist Chinese-made American flags, sported their slave-labor-manufactured bumper stickers full of crying eagles and patriotic slogans, and opted to leave the job of “government” to psychotic professionals. They punched the clock, worked their overtime, and pressed harder in their pursuit of that euphoric and rapturous imagination known to them as “the American dream.”

To say that the rate at which the federal mob is inflating the money supply, stealing our labor, and swelling the national debt is “alarming” would be the understatement of the age. Couple that with the ever-increasing unemployment lines, and the hundreds of thousands of newly homeless, and you have finally managed to concoct the perfect recipe to capture the attention of the some most hardened deniers of the conspiracy to take down America.

Hence, we see the dazed, emotionless appearances on the faces of the teaming masses, wiping the sleep from their bleary eyes, attempting to reconcile the long-cherished promise of “the American Dream” with their dire reality — unemployment, poverty, crime, gang violence, drug cartels, pending social unrest and rampant anti-social behavior, disappearing borders, government surveillance and databasing, identity theft, and massive taxation and inflation.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. America was supposed to be the vibrant example of freedom and prosperity — the example of how liberty and a free market could pave the way to the impossible, an impossible known as “the American dream.” We are living the history of our country’s demise.

The night has been long and costly to you, America. The warmth and comfort with which you have long slept, is finally over. While many tried to warn you of the dangers that lie ahead, you chose to turn away, refusing to heed the warnings. The comfort of your slumber and the pursuit of “the dream” prevailed as constitutionalists cried, grieved, and tried to attract your attention. Many warned you of betrayal, lost freedoms, and the bankruptcies that lie ahead. Still, you steadfastly refused to listen. Your head firmly implanted upon your pillow of apathetic complacency, you slept. How often you rolled your eyes, made fun, laughed, ridiculed, and called them unflattering names! They were the despised “conspiracy theorists,” the rejected “kooks” and “nutcases” of your tidy and blissfully-ignorant world. Do you still feel the mirth of your mockery?

Pinch yourself. Splash some water upon your face. Put on some strong coffee to brew, while it is still within your grasp to afford. Bundle up, against the cold, bitter blast that threatens your senses as you are blinded by the glaring daylight of reality. It’s morning in America, and you’ve finally awakened — the end of “the American dream.” Welcome to the “camp” of the patriots.

Polls find rising concern with Obama

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama faces growing concerns among voters over government spending, the auto industry bailout and other economic policies, according to two opinion polls released on Wednesday.

Obama, who took office in January, remains popular with Americans, although his overall job approval rating slipped to 56 percent, down 5 points from April, according to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

58 percent of respondents said Obama and Congress should focus on keeping the budget deficit down, even if takes longer for the economy to recover. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the federal deficit could top $1.8 trillion this fiscal year -- by far a record.
Nearly 70 percent said they had concerns about federal intervention in the economy, including Obama's decision to take an ownership stake in General Motors and the prospect of more government involvement in healthcare. Obama has made healthcare reform a top priority of his administration.

Jun 17, 2009

Not Working!!! Unemployment Plan

Visual evidence that the Stimulus strategy is not doing what Obama promised!

Jun 10, 2009

1st US the USA


In 1995, Mexico's foreign debt was more than twice the country's total debt payment for the previous century and a half. Per-capita income had fallen by almost a third from a year earlier, and Mexican purchasing power had fallen by well over 50 percent. Mexico was propelled into a crippling national depression that has lasted for over a decade. As in the U.S. depression of the 1930s, the actual value of Mexican businesses and assets did not change during this speculator-induced crisis. What changed was simply that currency had been sucked out of the economy by investors stampeding to get out of the Mexican stock market, leaving insufficient money in circulation to pay workers, buy raw materials, finance loans, and operate the country. It was further evidence that when short-selling is allowed, currencies are driven into hyperinflation not by the market mechanism of "supply and demand" but by the concerted action of currency speculators. The flipside of this also appears to be true: the U.S. dollar remains steady despite its plunging trade balance, because it has been artificially manipulated up by the Fed. Market manipulators, not free market forces, are in control.

So what was going on...what happened to Mexico?

In 1994, the U.S. Congressional Budget Office Report on NAFTA had diagnosed the peso as "overvalued" by 20 percent. The Mexican government was advised to unpeg the currency and let it float, allowing it to fall naturally to its "true" level. The theory was that it would fall by only 20 percent; but that is not what happened. The peso eventually dropped by 300 percent – 15 times the predicted fall. Its collapse was blamed on the lack of "investor confidence" due to Mexico's negative trade balance; but investor confidence was quite high immediately before the collapse. If a negative trade balance is what sends a currency into massive devaluation and hyperinflation, the U.S. dollar itself should have been driven there long ago. By 2001, U.S. public and private debt totaled ten times the debt of all Third World countries combined.
Although the peso's collapse was supposedly unanticipated, over 4 billion U.S. dollars suddenly and mysteriously left Mexico in the 20 days before it occurred. Six months later, this money had twice the Mexican purchasing power it had earlier. Later commentators maintained that lead investors with inside information precipitated the stampede out of the peso.

These investors were evidently the same parties who profited from the Mexican bailout that followed. When Mexico's banks ran out of dollars to pay off its creditors (which were largely U.S. banks), the U.S. government stepped in with U.S. tax dollars. The Mexican bailout was engineered by Robert Rubin, who headed the investment bank Goldman Sachs before he became U.S. Treasury Secretary. Goldman Sachs was then heavily invested in short-term dollar-denominated Mexican bonds. The bailout was arranged the very day of Rubin's appointment. Needless to say, the money provided by U.S. taxpayers never made it to Mexico. It went straight into the vaults of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and other big American lenders whose risky loans were on the line. ( notice the names?)

The late Jude Wanniski was a conservative economist who was at one time a Wall Street Journal editor and adviser to President Reagan. He cynically observed of this banker coup:

There was a big party at Morgan Stanley after the Mexican peso devaluation, people from all over Wall Street came, they drank champagne and smoked cigars and congratulated themselves on how they pulled it off and they made a fortune. These people are pirates, international pirates.
The loot was more than just the profits of gamblers who had bet the right way. The pirates actually got control of Mexico's banks. NAFTA rules had already opened the nationalized Mexican banking system to a number of U.S. banks, with Mexican licenses being granted to 18 big foreign banks and 16 brokers including Goldman Sachs. But these banks could bring in no more than 20 percent of the system's total capital, limiting their market share in loans and securities holdings. They wanted the whole enchilada. By 2004, all but one of Mexico's major banks had been sold to foreign banks, which gained total access to the formerly closed Mexican banking market.

The value of Mexican pesos and Mexican stocks collapsed together, supposedly because there was a stampede to sell and no one around to buy; but buyers with ample funds were sitting on the sidelines, waiting to pick over the devalued stock at bargain basement prices. The result was a direct transfer of wealth from the local economy to international money manipulators. The devaluation also precipitated a wave of privatizations (sales of public assets to private corporations), as the Mexican government tried to meet its spiraling debt crisis....thus the Waves of immigrants pouring over the Mexican border into the United States in search of work and the illegal alien crisis for Americans.

now TODAY in the USA......
Analysts are increasingly concerned about the Treasury's ability to fund costly economic rescue measures that are expected to drive this year's budget deficit to $1.75 trillion.

Our money system is not what we have been led to believe. The creation of money has been "privatized," or taken over by a private money cartel. Except for coins, all of our money is now created as loans advanced by private banking institutions — including the private Federal Reserve. Banks create the principal but not the interest to service their loans. To find the interest, new loans must continually be taken out, expanding the money supply, inflating prices — and robbing you of the value of your money.

Not only is virtually the entire money supply created privately by banks, but a mere handful of very big banks is responsible for a massive investment scheme known as "derivatives," which now tallies in at hundreds of trillions of dollars. The banking system has been contrived so that these big banks always get bailed out by the taxpayers from their risky ventures, but the scheme has reached its mathematical limits. There isn't enough money in the entire global economy to bail out the banks from a massive derivatives default today. When the investors realize that the "insurance" against catastrophe that they have purchased in the form of derivatives is worthless, they are liable to jump ship and bring the whole shaky edifice crashing down.

It is obvious that the Chinese and other surplus nations cannot fund the [U.S.] deficit even if they were fully on board -- which they are not. Someone else has got to write checks for up to $1.5 trillion additional Treasury notes and bond.

What has happened to Mexico sounds alot like what is happening to the USA. The dollar is a national resource that belongs to the people. It was an original invention of the early American colonists, a new form of paper currency backed by the "full faith and credit" of the people. But a private banking cartel has taken over its issuance, turning debt into money and demanding that it be paid back with interest. Increasing taxes and a crushing federal debt have been imposed by a financial ruling class that keeps the people entranced and enslaved.

Henry Ford said it best: "It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

Jun 9, 2009

If you talk to the people that voted for President Obama, you will find that a majority of them voted for him not because he was a better qualified candidate, an African American or because they wanted a liberal democrat in the White House, they voted for him because of what he said he represented, Change. Change from business as usual politics in Washington. He was an outsider that was going to shake up DC.

The Democrats are claiming victory over the Republicans, but did they win or did the Republicans lose? It is hard to tell when there are only two parties in our political system. The Democrats and Republicans are so busy fighting against each other for power that they forgot long ago why they are there and who they are representing. There are no winners or losers in politics, because it is the same people every year just in different roles. The real losers are the Americans.

Regardless of your views on our new President, what he ultimately highlights is that Americans are fed up with the current system and are desperate for change in ANY form. The Tea Party coalition was a great way to vent frustration, but it did not fix anything. We propose to fix the problem by capitalizing on the "Change" momentum generated by the election of President Obama and further riding the wave of the frustrated populace represented by the Tea Party movement.

We propose we clean house in Washington DC. How, you may ask? By using the most powerful weapon democracy gives us - the vote. Starting in 2010 let's VOTE OUT THE INCUMBENTS! Unless you have researched and approve of the candidate, vote for new blood. Don't vote partylines, vote change.

In a single election and doing nothing more than our civic duty, we can change Washington forever. Let us make the vote mean something again. Let us use its power to take our country back.

Let us stand up as a nation and let the Silent Majority be heard loud and clear. "We're mad as hell and we aren't going to take this anymore!"

Jun 6, 2009

Recall the Stimulus

Testifying before the House Budget Committee this week, Ben Bernanke said that when the time comes, the Fed will raise interest rates in order to stop inflation from building in the next recovery. He also asked for "fiscal balance" to sustain financial stability. On the surface -- in terms of keeping prices stable and restoring value to the softening U.S. dollar -- this is positive. Surely Bernanke wants to do right for America, and he's giving it his best shot.

But when you talk to traders and economists, the whisper story is that Bernanke and the Fed are no longer truly independent of the Obama White House and Treasury. As a result, Bernanke will not be able to slow down the printing presses and gradually lift the near-zero target rate in a timely and effective manner. Already the Fed has created more than $1 trillion in new cash, and the M2 money supply is growing at its fastest pace in 25 years.

This monetary explosion explains what's really driving the dollar down and Treasury rates up (alongside rising gold and oil prices). It's not huge budget deficits, but the growing fear that a less-than-independent Fed will keep pushing new money into the financial system in order to fund Obama's liberal spending policies.

Rising inflation and interest rates are always a monetary problem. When Dick Cheney said a few years ago that deficits don't matter, he was basically right. There is no clear relationship between budget deficits, inflation and interest rates. In fact, for most of the'80s and '90s, and much of the 2000s (excepting the 2003-05 bubble), interest rates and inflation fell while deficits averaged over $200 billion a year and got as high as 6 percent of gross domestic product at some points. This is because Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan restrained money-supply growth in a non-inflationary manner..
Economic blogger Scott Grannis says, "Recall the stimulus." Professor Russell Roberts of George Mason notes that only $36 billion of the stimulus has been spent through May, out of a total $787 billion. And USA Today reports that $209 billion in countercyclical automatic safety-net stabilizers -- which is apart from the stimulus package -- has already been spent on unemployment insurance, food stamps, Medicaid and early Social Security retirements.

On the eve of recovery, with all this prior spending, why on earth do we need more?

Policy analyst Dan Clifton tells us that the $200 billion spending increase scheduled for 2011 to 2019 should definitely be rolled back from the Obama stimulus package, before it's built into the current-services spending baseline. And let's not forget that the Obama Democrats already passed a $400 billion omnibus spending bill for 2009. So anybody in Washington who is serious about spending and deficits can save hundreds of billions of dollars by rolling back the stimulus package and TARP. The financial system is healing, and banks want to pay TARP down anyway.

Here's the moral of this story: Excessive Fed pump-priming and over-the-top federal spending is what matters, not the budget deficit. If we keep paying people not to work by piling on more transfer payments and government subsidies, economic growth will suffer mightily. And if the Fed keeps buying bonds issued by Uncle Sam, inflation will ratchet higher.

People, Obama, Congress, are you listening? Roll back the unnecessary stimulus, and restore the Fed's independence.

Jun 3, 2009

The Date

President and first lady jetted on a date in New York late Saturday afternoon, aides and media in tow.

"I am taking my wife to New York City because I promised her during the campaign that I would take her to a Broadway show after it was all finished," the president said in a statement an aide read to the press.

President Obama has finally made good one campaign promise: he took wife Michelle to a Broadway show in New York City. With three private jets and a helicopter, it cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars for the date. Obama picked up the tab for the dinner and theater tickets, but the rest is all on us. Being that President Obama bashes CEO's for flying privately (the ones who took bailout money) because it's wasting taxpayer money --- shouldn't he be spending a little less on date night?

If this is a well timed media distraction....what don't we know about yet? Or is just to mellow out the GM thing?

Or maybe it's about promises.
We all make promises to our spouses and families, right? They are promises made, just like his, that sometime in the future we will do something wonderful, relaxing and rewarding. At a time like now with the economy when we all look at our finances and act responsably with our spending...shouldn't the President set a good example.

They do have a bowling alley in the basement...and it not like they would have any trouble putting a dinner party together with free entertainment right there in the white house.
He says he gets it.....understands the average American...understands the sacrifices we need to make....but when is he going to SHOW us that he understands.

Jun 2, 2009

What if Americans didn't pay their taxes?

USA Today reports that if you add up all the federal debt, each American household now owes $546,668 dollars — up 12 percent or $55,000 from last year. That's four times what each U.S. household owes in car loans, credit cards, mortgages and all other debt combined.

Keep in mind that's the conservative estimate; so what's the number if you take an approach that's not-so-sunshine-and-lollipops? They say we can pay this off with taxes.

But just to give you an idea of how much money this is, here are three possible options to pay it off:

• You could confiscate almost every single cent of GDP for this fiscal year and the next three fiscal years

• Take 54 percent of all corporate revenues and all wages and salaries for the next 10 years

• Take about two out of every three dollars of all wages and salaries paid to U.S. residents over the next 10 years

And things could get worse if the government wants to follow through with its giant progressive plans for health care spending, because there's talk of a national sales tax, which would dump another 25 percent sales tax onto every single thing you buy.

I am not advocating people don't pay their income taxes. But what if — for argument's sake — a million people intentionally didn't pay their taxes?

Right now the IRS is already able to go through over 150 million tax returns and punish those who fail to pay with fines of between 5 and 25 percent and collect about $30 billion in back taxes.

And going forward, the Obama administration is devoting an additional $400 million and 800 people to catch tax cheats. Still, most actual tax evaders don't wind up in jail — they end up as Obama's Cabinet nominees.

But let's just say a million people don't pay — not because they're cheats, but because they believe the principles upon which we are founded have been violated. Just put aside the fact that America's 2.3 million federal, state and local prisoners are already dealing with prisons that are packed 36 percent beyond their rated capacity; in other words, overcrowded.

If you go minimum security, 192-bed prisons, you can house them for a meager $30 billion; or, since these are clearly all right-wing extremists, you put them all in maximum security, 500-bed prisons, for a cost of $100 billion. All in all, it's probably not worth the government's time to toss us all in jail. There's other ways of going off the grid, off the dole, and that is to leave no papertrail. No 1099's or W-2's when you barter or trade for services. People will view these strategies much differently in the days to come.

Gandhi said: "Withholding payment of taxes is one of the quickest methods of overthrowing a government."

And it jives with common sense: Starving them out of trillions of our hard-earned dollars would literally put them out of business.

But do enough Americans have the guts to follow Gandhi's example, in order to save our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren from all this debt?