Mar 17, 2009

Socialism - Equal grades for all

Not many people seemed to complain when socialism crept into our youth sports organizations where all players come off the bench for game play and with trophies for all, no matter how your team finished. So why would we expect a complaint when socialism starts creeping into our higher education? Over the last 10 or so years the same concept has filtered into the education system. In an effort to prove our schools in America aren't as lax or as bad as they really are, they have been passing kids to the next grade before they are ready and dumbing down the testing to show improvement in the school systems. A study of grades in college finds this. In 1991 the average GPA for a student was 2.93. By 1996 it was up 2.99. By 2001 it was up to 3.07 and today it's 3.11.

Why? Are the kids just getting smarter? No. But these kids sure are getting more scholarships and are able to pick and choose whatever University they want to attend. Obama has this big plan that everyone should have a college degree to compete in the marketplace and everyone should have the opportunity to go to college.

screeech....hit the brakes here!! You mean the kid who worked really hard to excell will be sitting in the lecture hall next to the kid who is a product of school system inflating it's GPA's. What will become of good work ethic and reward?? We are already seeing that the deceptive grade point averages are allowing more entries, now there is this push to allow everyone to attend??? Either the dropout rate will be outrageous or the Universities will have to dumb-down their curriculum so the graduate success rate doesn't drop. Then when you look to the future when everyone has this almighty degree and diploma, just how and the heck will the employer pick between all the candidates? They will all be equal. Will we be back to picking based on gender, race or who has the least baggage such as family, health and ties to the community?

You know...this is crap. The worst part of this type of specious Socialism is that it is being implemented on the youth. They will end up being so indoctrinated by the time they are young adults, it won't be hard to induce them that this is the norm.

Is this the CHANGE everyone was chanting before going to the polls just a few month ago?

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