Jul 1, 2009


Seems like the Press is getting feisty! CBS even!

Gibbs is such a 'High Almighty Drip' and this chain of connection shows exactly the 'untouchable' ascendant attitude of the White House! You must see this!

Thomas told Gibbs that no other White House tried to put this much control over media coverage, and slammed him for doing so despite the administration’s calls for “openness and transparency.”

“But Thomas saved her biggest quote for afterward, as she told CNS News that not even Richard Nixon had tried to control the media this way. Thomas not only put the Nixon administration on a higher ground than Obama in this area, she didn’t even mention George W. Bush as part of it.”

Thomas’ words are sweet music to the ears of patriots whom have been pointing out Obama’s corruption since January 20.

Happy Independence Day, Helen!

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