Jul 13, 2009

Get Yourself Ready!

As I talk to people and family members about getting prepared for the very LEAST scary event like the dollar being devaluated to 50cents for example, I try not to scare them. They think I am 'loosing it' and that scares them because I have always been the stable leader in the family and respected by my friends. I can't say, 'Go read it in NewsWeek or Oprah is talking about it on her show. I feel like I need to back up my reasoning and by telling them that the Mormans have been doing this for ages, just doesn't cut it.

So I am listing some links that I hope you take the time to research and learn all about food storage and ways to get yourself ready for any type disaster.
I also have some links in the left column that are favorites.

There are more and more great books too. Reading 'Patriots' got me started on my journey to looking at ways to get my family prepared.

Interview with Cody Lundin author of "When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes".

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