Jul 26, 2009

Are You a Wacko? Or Just Prepared!

Urban Survivalist on the Today show 07/21/09. Talking about prepping, but they still called it 'hording' in the intro. What do you expect for liberal media. If they don't agree with it, they mock it. You know toward the end they were not as negative as I thought they would be. I'm just glad they didn't have the more extreem bunker type on there. They simply made the case for storing for a economic downturn or collapse.

And I quote "People who engage in this survivalist lifestyle are exhibiting what I would call an extreme reaction they revert to behavior designed to insure their security."
So people that work to insure their security are 'revert'ing to some sort of primitive behaviorism like an animal opposed to trusting the government to care and feed for you??? And the subtle assosiation to the non-event of Y2k thrown in just to make a point is insulting..... then just go buy some paper insurance and see who will pay out on that policy,.... you are the nut!

It's ok to be paranoid about global warming, H1N1 Swine flu, the Ozone...and it's OK to be a tree hugger, a PITA nutcase and a GreenPeace fanatic...but god forbid the people who are wise enough to look to the future and stock supplies and food for the their families well being!! If for NO Other reason than just the economy and the devalueing of the dollar....stock up and be prepared! Get Wise!

Why do they always have to fall back to that three days worth of food thing in the end? Three days doesn't motivate anyone to do anything. Most people figure they have three days worth of ramen in the cupboard and that's good enough. One solid winter storm and they're screwed. I know there has been worse portrayals of survivalists in the media, but this one wasn't exactly helpful and sure wouldn't inspire anyone to start prepping seriously.
Just a thought....(and I'm NOT Mormon)

The modern prophets who lead the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ("Mormons") have foreseen and warned against the many events of the last few decades, including the ongoing moral collapse of society, the disintegration of families, widespread natural disasters, and very specifically, this current economic ruin. For decades they've urged people to prepare against these things and more.

A year's supply of food, clothing, and where possible, fuel, has seen many church members through both large-scale and personal troubles. If only one family on every street had this type of emergency preparation, the needs of entire communities could be met for several weeks in in times of disaster. This is not psychotic hoarding, this is wisdom. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.

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  1. Why is it "hoarding" if it's ammo or food, but not if it's toilet paper or garbage can liners on sale.


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