Jul 3, 2009

Our last TRUE 4th of July Celebration

As we prepare to celebrate our Independence this 4th of July, please read this article from the Canadian Free Press. This is a great article...the citizens of the world are looking to the CITIZENS of these United States to take our country back.

Today as main-street Americans muster the kind of spirit needed to celebrate July 4th, their country teeters on an engineered economic collapse. As they prepare for America’s Big Day, indignities are hurled at them, not just from a vociferous enemy across the world, but from an anti-American White House.

Even as Americans worry about losing their homes and jobs, information overload has become the bewildering status quo. The increasing asked, “What can we do?” is never answered.

Everyone’s “talking at Americans”. Talking heads are talking at Americans from 24-hour television networks. Radio talk show hosts are talking at Americans. Internet writers are talking at Americans. Incoming emails have never been so brisk.

As everyone “talks at” Americans, their president is acting out. Never has a President had full Majority in his House and Senate and the sheep to follow him.

Almost every day since November 4, 2008 Americans have heard about yet another Obama atrocity, each one bolder and more shameful than the one before.

Obama, or whomever this Agent of Change really is, seems in a hurry to present a battered, and humiliated America back to the faceless masters he serves.

Opinion is coming at John Q. Public from every direction. They are as plentiful as the grains of sand in the Arabian Desert, some qualified, some sincere and heartfelt, some not, many confusing.

Let this July 4th be the time to tune out on the broken record of Obama. Replace all the talk of Obama with the resolve to bring American back from the brink, a time to replace talk with action.

Unless Obama brings to a halt his rampage over America, it is time for Americans to find the way out of the dark; time to take their country back, and time to stop being the tax base of Congress megalomaniacs.

As Americans celebrate this Independence Day, they know they are not the only people whose country is under threat, not the only people whose fight for survival is being carried out in real time.

America will find the way out of the dark and into the light of a new day. And when the way out is found, it won’t come from the media, or any of the talking heads. It will come from the indomitable spirit carried for centuries in the hearts of true patriots.

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