Jul 4, 2009

Dear Senators and Congressmen...LISTEN!

Dear U.S. Senators and U.S. Congressman,

We the People are in shock. Our form of government is changing literally by the week as you operate the largest R.I.C.O. operation in history.

You extort trillions from us for socialist redistribution and you call it a stimulus. We can't travel today without proving that our papers are in order. You are attempting a plan for a government service program reminescent of Hitler's Germany. You nationalize major companies in the banking and automotive sectors and now seek to establish government-controlled medicine as well. You say you're going to pay for it all with our money. Like we're some galactic ATM machine. You're doing all of this against our consent, in clear violation of our Supreme Law. Just what are you thinking?

Look across America today, in several thousand communities from sea to shining sea; do you know what we’re thinking? We think that we've had enough. We're taking our Republic back.

Some of our State legislatures are sending you a similar message. While we appreciate their efforts to remind you that you're violating the 10th Amendment – telling you to cease and desist – that won't be enough. We realize how legislators love pork from D.C. so We The People will now begin to enforce the Constitution. We’ll now start exercising our duty in this government of the people, by the people, and for the People. Tea Party rallies are a heads-up: we intend to lawfully, peacefully shut down criminal enterprises.

At rallies across the Republic today we’re reading this demand letter to you, our members of Congress. Some of your constituents may soon start sending you not tea bags, but signed copies of the AmericaAgain! Declaration, a list of high crimes that Congress has been committing and the list of reform legislation that We The People will draft and refine in coming years. You will sponsor our legislation, just as you do now for the lobbyists that draft most of Congress’ laws today. You honest ones will happily do it, of course.

AmericaAgain! will offer three historic opportunities for self-government: First, We The People will begin drafting, refining, and assuring enactment of our reform legislation, some of which we have been begging for over generations. Second, AmericaAgain! local chapters will team up within our own State and our own U.S. Congressional District to work on civil and criminal indictments in our State courts against our member of Congress who refuses to stop violating the Constitution. Third, we’ll spread the Tax Honesty message, explain why there are 67 million non-filers today, and exposing the Trojan Horse labeled the ‘FairTax’, a national sales tax that would keep the federal take at today’s gargantuan level, that would have no upper limit, that would turn every retailer into a tax collector, and that would spawn black markets to avoid government leeching off the productive sector.

The local AmericaAgain! chapter is like a Homeowner’s Association on steroids. The HOA enforces subdivision covenants & restrictions; a local AmericaAgain! chapter will enforce our Constitution's covenants & restrictions. If you’re one of the corrupt ones or easily-led ones in Congress who go along with crime: you’ll either stop joining in trillion-dollar crime or We The People will have our State Court put you in a State Penitentiary jumpsuit and leg shackles, and seize your assets as we do with any multi-billion-dollar crime kingpin. Crime can’t be allowed to pay anymore.

We realise that in many parts of America, We The People might have to go through several State judges before we finally find an honest or courageous one to enforce the Supreme Law. That’s okay; We The People are up for it. “With liberty and justice for all” sounds like a good plan. You know what’s a bad plan? Chickens continuing to petition the foxes.

As your employers, WE THE PEOPLE are finished writing letters to corrupt employees, hoping you'll read them instead of throwing them in the trash as you walk down your marble hall for lunch or to the spa with cronies. Oh, and speaking of the spa...and your free health insurance...and your incredible pension after just months in office...and your chartered jets and limousines... since We The People are facing tough financial times thanks to you? And since you’re destroying our form of government and bankrupting our children? We plan to cut off your 'public servant' perks and pensions. Short terms, not a royal reign; we know that you good ones, you citizen-statesmen, don’t mind living just like regular people. You others? Here comes hope and change, baby.

We invite politicians and political parties to support the AmericaAgain! project, but you can’t join us in it. We won’t let partisans turn our self-government project into your political soapbox. For the honest minority of you, we offer political cover, as you sponsor our legislation over the years.

For the dishonest ones among you, the slick operators: please pass the following message on to those who bought you: we finally get it. We see the pattern. This constitutional crisis didn't begin with Obama, Pelosi, Reed, and Barney Frank. It didn't begin with George Dubya, or even back in 1913. Lawless Leviathan was hatched 50 years earlier, behind a tactical diversion: abolishing slavery. The North didn’t win a Civil War... America's domestic enemies won The War to Enslave the States.

We the People – all of us sovereign States – were divided and conquered. Since the end of that war, two major political parties have kept We The People in a perennial pep-rally to build massive political machines and careers, and to cheat us out of self-government. Our domestic enemy has been tactically shrewd. But we’re not stuck on stupid; the political parties are busted now, and so are you.

Some say that we don't need legal action to enforce the Supreme Law of the Land; that we can just elect reformers to Congress. No, we tried that for generations. It doesn't work. Voting won't change anything now; both major parties are owned by the money powers and arrayed against us.

Even impeaching some of you won't end the corruption nor will it punish crime in Congress. Yes, we’ll start electing statesmen regardless of party, but we’ll also start enforcing the 9th and 10th Amendments for the first time in 220 years.

We have a great deal of reform legislation to draft, that you are going to sponsor. It will include:

- Enacting a congressional Term Limits Amendment
- Immediately and retroactively de-funding Congressional pensions and perks
- De-funding any tracing, tracking, or eavesdropping on law-abiding citizens
- Enacting a Balanced Budget Amendment
- Enacting a Monetary Reform Act to repeal the Federal Reserve Act
- Outlawing the immoral practice of fractional-reserve banking
- Directing the IRS to stop fraudulently applying a perfectly good Tax Code
- Declaring English as the official language of the United States
- Taking immediate action to secure our borders and outlaw the illegal alien "anchor baby" tactic
- Outlawing federal restrictions on law-abiding ownership and use of firearms
- Enforcing the War Powers Resolution of 1973 to end undeclared corporate mercenary wars
- Ending all federal restrictions on our own private land, water, and minerals...and finally...
- Repealing the 16th and the 17th Amendments

We’ve never practiced self-government before, as our founders intended us to do. But we'll get it right with practice. We'll end your corruption, and we'll do it peacefully, lawfully, and without civil disobedience. All we need is that glorious piece of paper, our U.S. Constitution.

Today we want to tell the honest minority in Congress: we have your back. Let’s get to work now. But we also want to thank all corrupt politicians – and bureaucrats, and industry fat cats for making Atlas shrug after five generations of growing American corruption. Before we face an impossible task like the poor people of Iran, this time WE THE PEOPLE intend to do the dividing and conquering.

May we not shrink from our duties of self-government, and may God grant that we become America Again!


Your Employer

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