Jul 1, 2009

The Declaration of Sovereignty

The Declaration of Sovereignty
by: Donald-Michael: Barber

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all States of this great union are created equal. It is a matter of conscience as Citizens of our respective States that we herein declare with one voice; Federal tyranny will be acceptable no longer. As Sovereign, Free, and Moral men we live for the birthright given by The Creator. No longer will the people tolerate an obtrusive and abusive federal bureaucracy. We the People will overcome the foes of personal freedom. No longer will we suffer. You have raided our treasuries. Our natural resources have been raped from the land we once held ownership to. Yet here again the Fourth of July in the year of our Lord two-thousand and nine is come upon us. More federal atrocity forced on an already ill-treated and unrepresented Citizenry. As the fathers of this country before us we proclaim from this day forth; Mr. President, Congress, we shall have no obligation to you any further! Your crimes against your own people cannot appear as anything less than a Declaration of your own, a Declaration of War! Fight us no more, listen to our humble pleas, and remember the freedom you are sworn to protect is not yours to surrender. Your jobs are to be the guardians of the Legacy left to us purchased by the blood of our brethren. We humbly seek a Redress of Grievances, a right given to us from the Founders in the united States Constitution. If this attempt fails, as it has proven to in the past, you will leave the American people with no other alternative than to move in a direction not desired but necessary. Follow the Constitution! No Excuses, no compromise, just follow the law of the land. In response to the actions of this Federal government, to secure the future Liberty of this nation; The undersigned of this document firmly and willingly covenant together to sacrifice, if called upon, all that we posses, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Nothing to small for the greatness of Liberty!

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