Apr 3, 2010

OBAMA'S KATRINA...showing his stuff!

The 100 year Flood in New England(Worst Flooding in 200 Yrs), with displacement of people and the destruction of infrastructure,homes and businesses is as unexpected devastating as Katrina, but where's FEMA??

And where's the LameStream Media with all the unfair retoric on the blindeye the President is giving this? He overflew the disaster area (one of the main charges about what Bush did during the Katrina disaster) and what is his Fema administrator doing? Basking in the sunny glow of Orlando, Florida. So where is the uproar from the left?

More attention and compassion has been shown foreigners in Haiti...please, these are middleclass Americans! Where's the rallying cry to send donations? Do only the minorities in the slums and prior flood-riddled locations like New Orleans get our full attention? Just like the floods in Iowa, where the people and farmers had the gumption to adjust and make the best of a bad situation, does NOT mean they should not get our full humanitarian effort. A 'peoples' ecomomic status should not dictate the resources of our government to step in and give aide. Do ONLY the helpless,weak and poor have the 'back' of our government or is the government suppose to be 'blind' and fair when it comes to it's citizens? Hope and Change, but only for a certain 'class'?

Get used to this folks – this is that fundamental change that Obama kept promising. We see more and more examples of taking from the Haves to give to the Havenots and this is just a blatent in your face showing of the balance not being dealt and the kinds of disasters and dispair that will be ignored by not just the left press, but by the President himself. The worst part is that even though this country was warned, people thought it was just fear mongering. Get yourself prepared people, no matter where you live. If any devastation or big event happens to you and yours, you cannot count on anyone to come to your aide. We now know the blindeye will not be watching or caring.

Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives!


  1. Silly! The first duty is to make sure we live in a classless society! Which we can only achieve after a lengthy period of enforced social justice. I think you're putting the raft before the fireman.


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