Apr 21, 2010

Better Get Prepared!

You hear that comment more and more these days. When you watch the different guest speakers and even the show hosts themselves tell of different events in the news and actions of the progressives in Washington, they all say, "You need to get prepared, people."

Many might think this means to 'get your Head wrapped around the concept' that things are going to get bad before they get better....
I think that means alot more and they just don't want to say 'get ready for the worst!' When the worst happens, nobody is going to come to your rescue.

We are at peak crisis in America. They say we can go one way or another, back to the Founders or toward Socialism and where the progressives want us to go. Either way, it can't happen fast enough. Before either happens, America as we know it, will be CHANGED. There's just not enough time. If Conservatives were in full control right now, there's still not enough time to make the changes necessary to ward off the damages made to the economy, the weakness in world image, the US Debt. The BIG moves that would need to be made TODAY, not even good conservatives are going to be in any big hurry to do. It will take fortitude and fierce drive to abandon past ways and formulate the shift in downsizing our government. And WE people need to be of the disposition and charactor, that no matter how HARD, we can adjust to the transposition that needs to occur.

We need a big Do-Over. We need a collapse of our own controlled recipe and not the 'other kind'. All government strangleholds need to be lifted. All government programs need to cease. Government payroll needs to be shut off. State governments collect set % taxes and the IRS collects only 10% flat federal tax...period. Military is their only priority. No Social Security, no Welfare, no Medicade/care, no subsidy to any entity, no Unions, no EPA,USDA,FDIC,HHS,etc. All political candidates get equal time and funds, No campaign contributions or pensions...candidates run on their word and actions, and they run for office out of duty and principals, not for the pension or to make a career of it. When they make
huge revisions, they will need to be strong enough to shed the ridicule and whining, because there is sure to be some. We will need to do many HARD things, make the sacrifices needed, and adapt. We are a resilient strong people and as true American patriots, we can make it.

Why should you care if you prepare and what to do first?

When you are properly prepared, you will not be a victim of any Future Event, but easily adjust & survive it. Get Proactive in your own immediate world. When I am asked what to do first to get prepared, I say food and water is priority #1. Sounds simple right? Well, it is right now. Grocery stores still have stocked shelves and the dollar is still stong. Without food and water you die and it won't matter that you still have unpaid bills. Being debt-free is a good goal, but not at the expense of begging your neighbors to feed your children. When you stock up before an event, it is not hoarding, it is just smart. Doing it later will be dangerous. No one will be coming to help you, not fema nor red-cross, not nobody. Invest in food, the best insurance that you could ever need. People send thousands off in an envelopes every month to protect against an event that might never happen, so why not invest in a policy you can bring home and keep in the basement should you need it now or later? Insurance; car/life/health/home, will not be any good and will not matter much if you are dead from starvation.

Scary times are here, so when you hear the media say 'get prepared people', this is what they are really talking about. Do NOT wait. When you are properly prepared, you will not fear, it’s as simple as that!

Definition of a Prepper:
Prepper (noun): An individual that prepares in advance of or prior to any change in normal circumstances, to be without reliance on other persons or outside resources (govt.), in order to minimize the effects of change on their current lifestyle.

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