Apr 1, 2010

Going Rouge, Citizen Style

Show up, stand up and be heard, or be herded. There are no other choices. And if you don't speak out, it may well be the last time you get the chance. Today, 50% said the Prez should not seek re-election, 49% said he should. What in God's name does it take for some of you people to get mad? If the last few months haven't been enough, then your freedom may already be lost. Are you on alert and just worried about 'some' of the issues, but not all? Everyone has a story of how government has affected them, good or bad. Everyone can get involved in conversations at the watercooler or in the coffee shop, but do you stop at some point because you lack rebutal or fall short of details of the day? In that case, it's still your duty to stir yourself to action. You must take the timeout of whatever is going on in your busy lives to get yourselves 'up to speed' on what is going on.

If you have conservative beliefs and enjoy life without big brother telling you what your next move is, then listen or tivo Fox. They are the only network to give FAIR and unbiased news. If you hug trees, think your Unions are looking out for you, believe in letting schools raise your children, love limited healthcare and think it is OK for the IRS to fine or jail you, then continue to listen to the liberals on CNN,NBC,MSNBC,CBS and the like. Old Times, Herold and Gazette newspapers are just as bad. Get online and seek current events and you will get Both sides of any story. Get registered to vote, get educated on the candidates and become an active participant in whatever direction the future may bring to us all as Americans. We as a free people are at the crossroads or tipping point of what this country will become and what the days ahead will be for us now, our children and future generations. Personally, I am sick of being told I should feel guilty for making a good (not wealthy by any means)living and that because I work hard to succeed, I should feel obligated to share with those who don't...sorry, that's just unAmerican.

Get active, educated and be the leader of the herd or forever be herded. It's not too late. Today is your chance to decide. The 'Change' we all hoped for to come out of Washington, was less corruption, less spending and a smarter better secure country. It's NOT what we have been getting and now is the time to 'Go Rouge' and make the 'Changes' ourselves to begin to take back our government in November. Waiting for someone else to do it for you will only assure you of freedom lost. And that is not and has never been the America and the American people I've come to know.

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