Apr 19, 2010

Gangster Government

X- Who Cares anymore...Mr. Clinton pointed to remarks like those made by Representative Michele Bachmann, the Minnesota Republican, who when speaking at a Tea Party rally in Washington characterized the Obama administration and Democratic Congress as "the gangster government."

"They are not gangsters," Mr. Clinton said. "They were elected. They are not doing anything they were not elected to do."

By the way; A gangster government is one that rules it's constituents without representing their constituents. 65-70% of polled Americans, didn't want the passage of healthcare reform in it's current form.
Thus, it was done, "gangsta style"!

Look at the Progressives attempts to rewrite history here! Timothy McVeigh lashed out against the Government partially in retaliation for the Waco siege. He held many of the same beliefs about Waco as then Attorney General Janet Reno(d), current reps. Sen. Charles E. Schumer(d) and Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee(d). Also he was pissed about Ronald Reagan/George Bush's U.S foreign policy during the 80's - 90's.

Here is a op-ed Timothy McVeigh wrote to a news paper (he wrote many):
“Maybe we have to combine ideologies to achieve the perfect utopian government. Should only the rich be allowed to live longer? Should only the wealthy be aloud healthcare? Does that say that because a person is poor he is a lesser human being and doesn't deserve to live as long, because he doesn't wear a tie to work?”

WOW, did he ever sound like the run of the mill Democrat Representative very recently. The TEA Party is SOO against "health care reform". Does this make health care reform supporters, also supporters of Timothy McVeigh?
Probably not, but jackasses like Bill Clinton could spin it that way.

Anyhow; you want to see ties to a unrepentant terrorist like McVeigh to Someone in our current government?
Google: "Obama and Bill Ayers"

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  1. Once again, you've hit the nail on the head. Very intersting how the current group of politically savvy progressive politicians are attempting to re-write history, even as it is being made - they aren't even waiting for the ink to dry on the text books!

    I imagine there were dnagerous times 225-250 years ago as those Americans tried to sort out where they wanted the country to go. I think we are in such a time today as well. Dangerous and intersting. And the stakes couldn't be any higher than they are.


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