Apr 21, 2010

Obama wants to Nullify a Portion of Article One of the United States Constitution

President Obama made yet another power grab in a largely overlooked statement issued by the White House Friday. He is attempting to nullify a portion of Article One of the United States Constitution.

Following unsuccessful attempts by the Clinton Administration in the 1990’s, Obama threw his support behind ‘statehood representation’ in Congress for the District of Columbia. (might just be the deal with Bill doing Obama's bitchslapping anti-tea party speech)

The problem is the Constitutional spells out that the District of Columbia (or the seat of the national government) is to be carved out as a place for government without official representation in congress. Article One of the United States Constitution provides for a federal district, distinct from the states, to serve as the permanent national capital. It was never intended to be given ‘statehood’ status nor recognized as such.

District of Columbia voters historically vote about 85-to-90% Democratic thus such action would give Democrats a lock on two new Senate seats and one radical House member.

Earlier attempts by liberal Democrats to nullify the Constitution were beaten back by members of Congress and legal scholars.

Conservative Republicans in the 1990’s suggested the land now known as the District of Columbia be ceded back to the State of Maryland and thus residents would have full voting rights. Democrats balked at this common sense solution because they knew it would not add to their votes in the Senate and House. They NEED those extra seats. Seats they shouldn't have in the first place. The original 100 square mile territory designated for the national capital was acquired from both Maryland and Virginia. Voters within the territory could vote within the respective previous states divided by the Potomac River.

Sadly, like so much else radical leftist do, the only consideration is political power. This President’s brazen attempt to discard the Constitution in other areas (such as government owned banks and auto companies) and the totally fraudulent Obama Care legislation is bad enough.

I don't know about you, but this attempt to provide ‘statehood’ to the District of Columbia through legislation is pure politics and radical. Speaker Pelosi will get the bill when Congress reconvenes and the pressure will be on by the left wing media and White House to get it done. If they get it done, it's just a matter of time before they tweek and add a few other changes to the Constitution.

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  1. There is a vote on this coming up in Congress, so write your Reps and Senators now! Right now, as far as I could tell, there were only 4 co-sponsors. However, that may be a ploy to keep it "under the radar", I'm just not sure. But I know this, I do not trust the politicians we have running the country right now.


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