Feb 25, 2010

Window of Transparency Summit

The point of todays Healthcare summit was to alter the political opinion and discourse the people have for the way that Obama bullshitted about transparency (hence c-span) and for letting Dems steamrole the whole process without any input from Republicans (hence his invite of bipartisanship). On his walk across the street to the meeting, Obama said he was looking forward to 'listening', but that was far from his objective. The invited party was only given 1/3 of the time to make their points.

When the whole day was done, Obama gave us all what was his real goal. In the last 3 minutes, he said that if common ground could not be found in 4-6 weeks, he then would counsel with Democrats to see which route to take to pass comprehensive — not limited and incremental — legislation. He implied use of the reconciliation process.
If a Democrats-only strategy then failed, Obama said, it would be left to voters to make their judgment in November.

Wow...forget what the American citizen wants..right? Anyone can lead a meeting, but that does not mean you have presidential leadership skills. Made clear when he was demissive of John McCain and occasionally combative and squirmish whenever his VP Biden spoke. But at least John McCain had the courage to bring the concerns and disgust of the American people into that meeting so people who are disgusted with Obamna’s lies can have a voice and be heard.

I'll end this with the Best comment of the day......

Paul Ryan to Obama: You realize your bill is a fiscal disaster, right?

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