Feb 8, 2010

When 'GREEN' just isn't funny!

A disturbing Super Bowl humor, but sure drives the point of the intentions of the 'Eco-Extremists". This is a window into their perfect world thinking.

My commercial would show the financial rape of the economy these treehugging extremists inflict on People and their wallets.

I would show dust bowl conditions they created in the most fertile productive land in Calif because of a fish. I would show the timber industry cranking out lumber that now costs you triple the sq ft to build a home that also has to be 'green' and because additional housing regulations imposed, keeps you from ever moving out of your old house. I would show how stimulus tax dollars used to build roads with bridges for turtles while existing bridges in the USA crumble. I would show how every infrastructure project takes years to become 'shovel ready' due to impact studies. How 'permits' are the current police that stunt any innovation and creative frugalism. I would show how 'credit bureaus' have become the economy police with more control than your banks. I would show the nutrition police, education police, communication police,and the list goes on.

The green police are not little men with clipboards, ticket pads or handcuffs.....the satire of this commercial is the police are actually all the Regulations and Laws imposed with so-called good intentions that have crippled the American Dream.

Most assume the Green Police are focused on ‘protecting and conserving the Earth’ and are now a 'part of modern life' and I say,
"Real Americans are not pro-dirty water. We don't like pollution. Real conservatives would rather recycle than throw things away needlessly. We love a clean environment, too. But those of us who still value liberty and freedom are wary because radical environmentalists appear to embrace the "green police" concept and are sucking the 'Life' out of those humans that inhabit this earth....they suck the life out of true Americanism.

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