Feb 14, 2010

What's NOT in the News?..until now?

There's alot in the news to decipher these days, don't you agree?
Mainstreet Media is busy with hollywood news, crime reports and junk.
MSM never gets to the political point unless it is pointing blame.
Fox is fair and balanced willing to tell the truth on issues omitted by the others, but I think they are tiring of being the bearer of bad news all the time.

Glenn Beck is the guy out there on the edge willing to show the boring numbers and put them in to perspective and to give the history lessons that go with them. He's like the favorite history teacher who keeps the class learning with humor, remember those teachers?

What's NOT in the News?
2 days last week Beck had shows that finally 'someone' in media is brave enough to do and that is to address meltdown or collapse of the dollar and what people need to be doing to just get their head wrapped around it.

These are on Youtube and the shows are on 4to5 segments w/no commercials, so just click down through them.

Show 02-10-10

Glenn Beck Show 02-11-10

Prepare for the worst and hope for the Best!!


  1. I agree with the bulk of what you write here except for the part about Beck "finally" covering this issue. He has covered this in one form or another since the inception of his show on Fox and has covered it as well on his radio show.

  2. I don't get the radio show here, but have heard it on the road a few times. The format is much more loose so I would believe he has discussed in the past...but not on the tv show. The best it gets is he will end the segment with a comment like 'so people you better prepare'. Well, that could mean different things to different people.
    As things continue to get worse, I like that he is speaking out and inviting guests that aren't shy about not candy coating what collapse might look like and getting prepared is not a wingnut idea.

  3. It's hard to wrap your head around this happening here in America. And for those of us who are politically aware and understand what has been happening over the past 60 years to be having a hard time with it, just magnifies the point of what happy-go-lucky Americans must think of the idea. If it comes to pass, there is going to be real problems that won't go away for years and years. Can you say Civil War?


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