Feb 5, 2010

TWEETs for the WEEK!

Obama is to economy what Lorena Bobbitt is to urology

Libs don't let friends make up their own minds. Conservative don't let friends be Libs or Moderates for that matter

Obama tells Dems he didn't become President for the fame or the title. So what was it? The free teleprompters

Obama told Senate Dems to speak directly to regular Americans. Um... problem isn't lack of talking, it's excess of spending

I resent Mr 0bama for telling me that only his values and not mine, his are the only true American values

Obama blunder: Job numbers fiction & everyone knows it. Any credibility he still had is gone now. DOW reflects disbelief.

Early draft of Constitution discovered in PA. Bad news for Obama - this version doesn't have the words "health care", either

Obama's offering a payroll tax cut, but only for small business. Ok, fair's fair. We pay taxes, but only for small government.

If Obama sees his shadow today, it means 6 more weeks before admitting that America doesn't want his health care bill.

How much $ have we saved due to todays snow storm in DC. Isn't global warming a wonderful thing?

And lastly....

Eastern storm - The Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. Memorial Blizzard.

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