Feb 19, 2010

Government - Get out of the Jobs Market

Arianna Huffington: A person I detest almost as much as Nancy Pelosi, wrote this today and I felt It was worth a show here on this blog and worth discussing.

"" A stunning new study found that while the unemployment rate among those making over $150,000 was only 3 percent, the rate for those in the bottom 10 percent of income was a staggering 31 percent. Does anyone believe that we would be facing the same lack of urgency about the jobs crisis in Washington if it were the unemployment rate among the top 10 percent that was 31 percent? If one-third of television news producers, pundits, bankers, and lobbyists were unemployed, would the measures being proposed by the White House and Congress still be as pathetic as the ones we're seeing now? Of course not -- the sense of national emergency would be so great you'd practically be hearing air raid sirens howling. Instead we get baby steps, bipartisanship, and band-aids.

It's unclear. Again and again, the administration has had the opportunity to show that it gets what's happening outside the fully employed sectors of Wall Street and Washington. And again and again, it comes up short.
It's time for something bold. Unfortunately, we've now seen enough of President Obama to know that boldness isn't exactly his forte. Bold rhetoric at times, sure, but not bold action. His natural caution and incremental approach would be well-suited to many times -- but this is not one of them. The jobs crisis is simply too large and the suffering too great. Obama needs to put aside the clichés about changing how Washington works and change the way he works.

The chasm America has fallen into cannot be crossed with bipartisan baby steps. The president needs to grab Congressional Democrats by the hand... and leap. How Obama responds to this crisis will not only define his presidency, but the long-term future of our nation. ""

Here's what I think.... The jest of the article makes sense and I can agree that if the tables were turned, those top 10% would have a louder bark, but seriously, if the top 10% were 31% umemployed we would be in Full Meltdown already. The bottom 10% of income earners pay NO TAXES!!

And notice the group of people she speaks of in her example, "one-third of television news producers, pundits, bankers, and lobbyists". She obviously circulates in a very narrow group of cronies or just lives in a small world and can't come up with a real set of top 10% that are Producers and not a part of the service force. And I hope she is included in the third that becomes unemployed....sooner than later.

But the biggest part of this article that is missed if you aren't really listening is that she speaks of Bipartisanship as if it is a BAD thing... The president needs to grab Congressional Democrats by the hand... and leap. Bypass the system of balanced debate and doing whatever an inexperienced president wants, then demand that all democrats follow lock step. What she is calling for is another MOVE just like the hurry-up stimulus-gotta doit in 24 hours or else. Big steps! She says, "put aside the clichés about changing how Washington works" sounds alot like throwing out the constitution and doing what is essentially treasonous in the name of hurry up and save us!

Scary huh? And this was just a simple article that sounded pretty good and on the right track until you really 'think' and then it just becomes another propaganda type story to cover the progressive agenda of overstepping to get things done one way when the true answer to unemployment and jobgrowth is for government to get out of the way, eliminate all tax burdens, restrictions and mandates that cripple small and large businesses and manufacturers for the risk they are willing to take to provide good paying jobs at whatever price they are willing to pay. You don't need wallstreet to give shares to an employee that helps build a successful business. LESS from government means job rates will come back and so will those companies that moved to foreign countries.

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  1. Bravo, Author! Author! I don't even get Huffington. I can't help think of her a contemporary Zsha Zsha Gabor, running around sticking her nose into things A. That she doesn't get, and B. Just for media exposure.

    She's gone from an early relationship with a journalist/broadcaster, to Jerry Brown, hung out with the Getty's, married Mike Huffington,who won a seat in The House of Representatives but lost the race for California Senate to Diane Feinstein (ugh!), and then divorced Huffington (who turned out to be'd have to be to marry Arianna). When I first noticed her she was opposing the War in Yugoslav and seemed out of touch then. She's went on to write some books, do some acting (sort of) and had the gall to attempt to run for California Governor. Is she even a US citizen? I think she's a joke myself.

    Good blog though! By the way, I'm back into blogging too! Check out "I'm Back! Hey Gibbs,Read my hand" for my first practice on Conscious Observer please. Have a blessed American Day!


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