Feb 10, 2010

Time to Take Care of Your OWN Money!

A bill to move New Mexico's money out of big national banks

and into local banks and credit unions has some serious legs in the state's legislature. The bill passed the New Mexico House of Representatives unanimously on Monday, and it already is scheduled for a hearing on Wednesday in the Senate.

The idea is that more liquidity in local banks translates into more loans to local businesses and a stronger local economy.
They got the idea for the legislation directly from the Move Your Money campaign, which encourages individuals to withdraw their deposits from "Too Big To Fail" banks in favor of local banks.

Imagine that!

I think the bigger message here is that if people at the State level are doing it...why wouldn't YOU???

Now here's a thought....why wouldn't you want to move 95% of your cash to your pocket, then home to a very safe place???
Think for a minute. Cash sitting in the bank drawing zippo for interest, then suddenly there's a run on the bank. Are you going to get there before the doors are closed? Are you going to be able to cash out, so to speak. With cash on hand, you will be able to get to the grocery and load up before the shelves are bare or before the looting and riots begin. Do you see where I am taking this conversation?

This is my warning to you 80% of the people who are not Preppers. Prepare now. The best investment you can make with that money is in food. If you listen to the news and sifer though the bs, do 3rd grade math, you can only come to one conclusion. Things are not going to get easier in life no matter how much you work or how secure you think your job is. Collapse of the Economy, Meltdown, Death of the Dollar, these are just names given of what will happen in society and is out of your control. But your 'family' is your world. Wouldn't the best investment for the future be to make sure you did everything you could to get ready for it?

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