Mar 18, 2010

See Gibbs Dance...Lawsuit? Huh?


Fred Lucas ( Mark Levin with the Landmark Legal Foundation has prepared a suit against the President that if he signs the health care bill passed by the House without a recorded yea or nay vote required by Article I, Section 7 -- my question on that is, would the President rule out signing future bills such as immigration reform or finance reform you mentioned earlier that are not subject to a yea or nay vote in both chambers?

GIBBS: Again, this is -- I think we’ve discussed on a number of occasions, certainly the last time we met inside, that this was -- this is the type of thing that -- the type of rule that you’ve seen pass on any number of instances. So I understand that there are those that want to discuss this as being a unique thing. It is not. I stated earlier that when this bill passes the House the President will be happy to sign it.

CNS News: Well, is that still a constitutional argument in favor of it, that it’s been done before?

GIBBS: I’m unaware -- again, I didn’t go to law school -- I’m unaware that -- I’m unaware of legal suits filed by a similar organization when the Republicans did similar things on legislation.

CNS News: So the President wouldn’t rule out signing future bills that didn’t pass both houses by a yea or nay vote?

GIBBS: I’m not going to get into a series of legal hypotheticals that both of us seem unprepared to discuss.

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