Mar 7, 2010

Natural Rights Patriot Act

Judge Andrew Napolitano

The Judge explains the hard core truth about the Constitution and why we must fight to regain our Country.


  1. This is something I did not know. It is obviously time to repeal the Patriot Act regardless of how much more safe it supposedly makes us. I'd rather be less safe and more free than vice versa. We are on a very slipery slope, and the landing could be incredibly painful of we don't dig in our heels now! Thanks for bringing this to us. I've shared it on facebook. I hope all that see it do the same. And I also hope people send this along to everyone of their email "buddies". The more I hear, the more I research, the more I learn, the more scared for this country I become.

  2. Great post,

    I may have to borrow it to give it more play and give you full credit. Judge Napalitano is fabulous and in my opinion should be sitting as Chief Justice on the Supreme Court.

  3. How about the next Vice President or get this....Constitution Czar! He could Keep the next administration on the straight and narrow!

    Thanks guys for the great comments!

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