Mar 17, 2010

Obama and Democrats. They OWN IT!

Final countdown to vote

We are nearing the final countdown to the
House taking action on ObamaCare. The 72-hour countdown
clock will start as soon as the CBO estimates are released
and the bill is posted.

The next 24-48 hours are crucial as final
decisions will be made on what tactics will
be used -- including the "Slaughter Solution."

Things have gotten so bad on Capitol Hill that Nancy Pelosi
is now brazenly supporting using the "Slaughter Solution"
that will allow Democrats in the House to pass ObamaCare

Here's what Pelosi told a group of liberal bloggers: "I
like [the Slaughter rule]... because people don't have to
vote on the Senate bill."

Let's be clear -- this is blatantly unconstitutional, and
it is the latest in a long line of deceptive, manipulative
and corrupt means being used to force passage of ObamaCare.

What Pelosi is threatening has never been done before -- not
with any major piece of legislation and certainly not with
one that will control one-sixth of the economy.

The DEMOCrats have shut out ALL Republicans throughout the whole process.
The President does not return their calls.
They OWN this piece of corrupt progressive crap they call a Healthcare Bill. They want to
add and corrupt your childs access to college by tacking it to this piece of legistration. Why?

This is not a Congress bill. It belongs to Obama and Democrats. They OWN IT!
It's UNCONSTITUTIONAL and if they get it passed ..... Are YOU willing to sit by and see your Country

Our country is BROKE. We sit on the edge of financial COLLAPSE. These people are clearly
the ones in power to bring us back.
What do think they will bring us back to?? Socialism of a third world nation?

What are you willing to do??

Will you get behind your State? One State after another is passing resolutions and laws to exempt themselves from the authority of Obamacare and it is likely to reignite and vivify the Tenth Amendment as nothing has in decades.

Obamacare is the equivalent of the Confederate States declaring secession and the first shots fired at Fort Sumter.
That time it took a war to restore the Union, but this time a huge majority of people, Democrats, Republicans,
Libertarians, independents, and every other political flag other than the Communist and Socialist Parties.
USA is opposed to this 2,700 page monstrosity.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The people. That’s us.

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