Mar 2, 2010

PATRIOT - Sen. Jim Bunning

Sen. Jim Bunning is taking a beating today.

He is being lambasted, mocked and ridiculed as a crazy old man
who has lost his bearings.

Why? Because Bunning is insisting that Congress pay for its
lastest spending spree -- $10 billion in an emergency
Transportation and unemployment funding measure that
Congress has not funded.

Bunning doesn't oppose the bill -- just the fact that Congress
once again is spending money without funding the spending.
They are just adding another $10 billion to the deficit!

Plus, as Bunning points out, just a few weeks ago Congress
passed the "PayGo" law that requires Congress to fully
fund any new discretionary spending! Bunning is simply
holding their feet to the fire.
And for this, Bunning is the bad guy! He's being blamed
for causing 2,000 Transportation workers to be furloughed...
for the suffering of thousands of unemployed who will miss
their unemployment checks...

CNN went so far as to put on its broadcast, "Thousands hurt
by one Senator." Even G.O.P. strategists are worried that
Bunning's stand will give the Democrats the advantage.

I say, hogwash! It seems Bunning may be the last man standing
in the Senate.
Someone... somewhere... must draw a line and say NO to
the endless spending spree that is pushing our nation
to the brink of bankruptcy!

Help him out! -- Call your two Senators

Tell your two Senators that you AGREE with Sen. Bunning and
you want Congress to FULLY FUND any new spending!

Facts for your call:

--Sen. Bunning does not oppose the bill; just the fact that
Congress has not funded $10 billion in the bill.
--Sen. Bunning has proposed ways to pay for the bill but
those have been rejected.
--Congress just passed a new "PayGo" law that requires Congress
fully fund any new discretionary spending.

Washington » Sen. Orrin Hatch came to the defense of a colleague who is getting skewered by Democrats for blocking a bill that would extend unemployment benefits, Medicare payments and transportation funding.

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  1. I Agree! I seem to be writing my Senators and Reps nearly weekly for the past year or so. The more inundated they are with letters, emails and phone calls, the more likely they are to listen to what we have to say. Keep up the communication campaign!


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