Apr 15, 2009


Democrats! Republicans! Independents! Even you with no affiliation or have never voted!

The Tea Parties Today are about TAXES! If you pay taxes, you should CARE!

Life has been hard lately and getting worse for everyone. People need to "rally together" to get the message sent to DC that 'we constituants' want to be heard and we WILL REMEMBER how they voted for all this spending when it comes time for us to vote. They WILL be going home.

Life is no longer about my, me or mine. It is about "OURS". We The People!

Tough times brings strengths, comradery, simplicity and getting back to basics.
The value of the dollar is going to plummet. Understand how important the dollar is. Imagine wakeing up tomorrow and the dollar is like a piece of paper - no value. What would happen to our society? What would happen if there's no food at the grocery and no gas at the station?

As we all know things can change very quick. Dig deep and as a group we will make a difference and get through this together.

Here's my Tea Party chant...

STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY! ESPECIALLY THE MONEY WE DON’T HAVE! TIME FOR TERM LIMITS FOR ALL POLITICIANS SO THEY DONT GET TO BE ‘PROFESSIONAL’ POLITICIANS and abolish the Pensions, that's just as bad as the huge bonuses at failing big companies. Stop the Spending!

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