Apr 16, 2009

Mainstream Media, Barack and Reporting

Barack Obama is ignoring the tea party people.
All of the media centers are ignoring the tea party people or ridiculing them.
They have decided or hedged their future worthiness, to be their own voice instead of reporting real'news', because they are floundering. Page 3 doesn't cut it! Their ratings are absolutely horrific and they are collapsing. So what do they do? First they reached for Rush Limbaugh. Then they reach for Glenn Beck and Fox. Then they reach for the last straw, people like you and me. In the case of the media, they are selling out their principles of journalistic standards. Have you ever seen the media actually blatantly pick sides? They didn't cover the news, possibly Historic News. They decided what this movement was. A CNN talk show host impersonating a reporter, tried to 'Make News' by inciteing tempers and twisting the actual news...didn't work, did it. All those normal people from all those cites and all those states throughout the country and now one so called 'rightwing' disruption...hmmm, you'd think the West Wing would be listening.
I didn't see Republicans nor Democrats, I saw Taxpayers! I saw Middle America!

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