Apr 3, 2009

Alert! The DREAM Act is re-introduced!

Alert! The DREAM Act amnesty is re-introduced in the House and Senate!

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Congressman Howard Berman (D-CA) have introduced their latest version of the DREAM Act (S 729 and HR 1751). In spite of the lofty rhetoric, the legislation is really a sweeping amnesty for a broad range of illegal aliens who meet certain minimal educational requirements.

In fact, the amnesty is even more expansive than last session's DREAM Act. The legalization would cover "children" up to the age of 35, a five-year bump above the previous version. Adult amnesty recipients, or minors when they turn 21, could then petition to bring in other relatives.

When 12 million American citizens are unemployed, and middle-class families are unable to seek the higher education of their choice because they lack sufficient funds, we do not want a new amnesty that increases the competition for these scarce resources.


We need another public OUTCRY to stop this amnesty. Let your Senators and Representative know that you oppose the DREAM Act.

There is a easy-speezy way to contact them by just adding your ZIP Code.
At this LINK..Click Here!

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