Apr 25, 2009

First 100 Days!!

The first 100 minutes or the first 100 days....My god! YOU can quit Campaigning already!!!
The first 100 days has been all about throwing as much shit on the walls to see what sticks! Reguardless of the economy, Obama set in action all his wish list priorites. We’re mired in the worst recession since the Great Depression, and Obama’s primary job should be fixing the economy. But he has shown no intention of putting off his expansive agenda. He’s forging ahead with 'his' plans. He wants to do everything at once: revamp the health industry, revolutionize the energy economy, reform the schools. The budget he presented calls for a tripling of the national debt and a decade of trillion-dollar deficits.

How many times have we heard, "I inherited this problem"?
“I strongly believe in a free market system,” he said during the recent G-20 confab in London. Why can't he say that to us Americans...and mean it?
Yet his administration has intervened in the economy in ways previously unheard of. His massive stimulus package was the largest spending bill in U.S. history. His Treasury Department has moved ever closer to nationalizing the nation’s banks. He lends power to big business with no thought to the crippling effects it is imposing on small business owners.

In his recent trips abroad, he has shown a grating tendency to apologize for the perceived shortcomings of his own country. He campaigned on a rapid withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, but as president he approved a plan not much different from that negotiated by the Bush administration and approved a hefty new deployment of troops to Afghanistan.

He told CIA employees that no one would be prosecuted for using the “enhanced” interrogation techniques. But then, pressured by the left wing of his party, he mused about the need for a “truth commission” to investigate Bush policies, and opened the door to prosecution of Bush-era Justice Department lawyers. A couple days later....the White House was backing away from the idea of a “truth commission.” But Obama’s erratic zig-zagging had triggered a free-for-all that has yet to run its course. He wants bi-partisonship, but inflames the republicans on every bobble-head decision. He can quit campaigning to keep everyone happy and just govern. I would love a week of have him come back with well planned and thought out solutions.
I would love to have him critic' what has been brought to the table to this date.

* To have a real GOOD LOOK at Al Gore's wacky Cap and Trade and pick it apart for the good and the bad, instead of accepting it as the whole solution.
* KEEP TOP SECRET SECRET! This is not the transparency we need.
* Be more Presidentcial, especially on foreign soil or with foreign diplomats. Americans should be clear on what Obama has done. In a breathtaking display of self-righteousness and intellectual arrogance, the president told Americans that his personal beliefs are more important than protecting their country, their homes and their families.
* Gitmo...If the administration is serious about closing Guantanamo Bay without jeopardizing our security, then the administration needs to work directly with Congress to create a detention process that keeps detainees off U.S. soil."
* Support the work being done to protect out southern border. If you can't send more help, then get out the way and let them do their job. Enforce the written immigration law and shut off all the government aid to those who have come here illegally. Most don't desire to renounce their home country and become citizens, but will gladly accept all the freebies being handed out.
***And that's just a start!***

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