Apr 4, 2009

Congress passes $3.5 trillion budget in the dark

Congress approved Barack Obama’s sweeping new budget late last night, approving a level of spending over 10% more than the final year of the Bush administration despite the economic crisis. The $3.5 trillion budget grew over 2009’s $3.1 trillion spending plan, and left almost all of Obama’s wish lists intact.

Congressional Democrats overwhelmingly embraced President Obama’s ambitious and expensive agenda for the nation. By endorsing a $3.5 trillion spending plan that sets the stage for the president to pursue his most far-reaching priorities. It would permit work to begin on the central goals of Obama’s presidency: an expansion of health-care coverage for the uninsured, more money for college loans and a cap-and-trade system to reduce gases that contribute to global warming.

President Obama has lost some Congressional support since Porkulus. The Washington Post doesn’t mention this in its report, but Democratic defectors grew from seven in the House to 20 defectors last night. In the Senate, where Democrats won three key Republican votes for Porkulus, they didn’t get a single GOP vote. In fact, they lost two Democrats: Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Evan Bayh (D-IN).

In an era where Americans have to tighten their belts and reduce their borrowing in order to shore up their own financial situations, Congress and Obama have shown no such sense of shared sacrifice. Instead, they’re busy borrowing like maniacs to pay for their own pet projects. It’s a disgrace, and even some Democrats have discovered this. From 7 to 20 long will it take for the rest of the Democrats to figure out they are on the wrong side of what is right for the People.


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