Nov 8, 2009

we MUST focus now on the Senate!

We came so close to defeating the House bill, had just THREE (3) more Democrats joined the other 39 brave souls who ignored Pelosi's bullying, and we would have defeated the bill in the House. All we needed was 218 votes and we had 215. Without your efforts, the margin of Pelosi's victory would have been far greater.

Friends, take this first step to start our communications assault on the Senate by doing exactly what Dick Morris says to do here: ... /#more-659
Please visit this site and follow his instructions to the letter. We need to start immediately before Harry Reid can try for passge on the coattails of the House vote by putting the Senate version to a vote right away.

Make SURE when you follow the steps that you OPPOSE in the strongest terms the use of Reconciliation or the Nuclear Option. If Reid uses it, he can get his bill passed with only 50 votes instead of the usual 60. Doing this will be literally shoving the bill down our throats, so go to:

And make your pens into missiles of discontent. Let 'em have it. NOW is the time to do this.

We must put tremendous pressure on Senate Democrats to break ranks and defeat their version of the bill—and we CAN do it. When we do and the Senate bill fails, things get very interesting.

When the bill in whatever form, comes out of the Conference Committee, if the final bill does not pass in either chamber, then the measure fails. It must be passed by both houses to go to the White House.

If the Senate does pass it's version, the differences between its bill and the House bill are somewhat profound, and trying to hammer out a bill that will pass in both houses will be extremely difficult and painful. That's why we MUST focus now on the Senate.

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