Nov 18, 2009

Soros has been propping up the dollar for awhile or it would be much lower. The market is artificially propped up by "hopes of recovery under way"--there is no recovery because there is no way to recover.
Job losses continue- record foreclosures-property values continue to fall-the dollar should be in the toilet already--but Soros props it up.
The govt keeps issuing reports thanks to the MSM or lamestreamedia that 25% of cities are recovering and other nonsense. The reason the market is being artificially propped up by govt propaganda-lies-and misinformation. The current claims of saved or new jobs is a joke. The govt makes it up-SO THEY CAN GET THE REST OF OUR WEALTH INTO THE MARKETS BEFORE THE FINAL GRAND SLAM CRASH-

THE DREADED BLACK HOLE FROM WHICH NO PRIVATE SECTOR CAN RECOVER. Then our wonderful govt will rescue everyone-yea right- cause there won't be anything left. The Dollar will then be virtually worthless as the world bails out of the buck and the people who played metals and possibly other commodities will be the only ones
left standing- probably until they confiscate metals and nationalize the oil/gas industry. They have to get the guns first to do this. They will take all this property under the guise of national security- and doing it for the country, saying it is so bad it is the only way the country will survive. Without nationalizing these things, we will be at the mercy of our enemies. No more private wealth-game set match.
Even Obama is accepting the real possibility of a double dip, which he is engineering.

In China...President Obama says he wants to "rebalance" the economic relationship between China and the U.S. as part of his plan to restart the American jobs machine He hopes that hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers will make up for the inability of American consumers to return to debt-binge spending. (wow, what optimism!)

Call it double-dip recession, call it depression...I call it the 'Great Debassion'.
The Dollar has not been depressed, it has been debased and devalued and it's days are numbered.
Are you fed up with out-of-control government spending and taxation?

Are you fed up with the government providing bailouts, not securing the borders and not drilling for oil in our own country which would hold down energy prices?

Many U.S. citizens who embrace the American Way have engaged in “tea parties”. More will tomorrow and MORE will the day after that, but it is not enough. I live in a remote area so a real "tea party" is out, instead I let my voice be heard through this Blog, Twitter, numerous forums, community blogs, letterwriting campaigns to officials and I beat my drum to whomever will listen. Don't ever believe that you are just one voice and you don't or won't have an effect on the outcome of any issue of importance TODAY. Everyone can be their own "tea partier" by getting active. Or just get more educated and following current events. Every day it is something new! Dramatic HISTORY is being made right now and whatever the future has in store, you will sure feel better knowing you played your part by "Making Your VOICE Heard!"

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