Nov 13, 2009

Obama's socialist tendancies mixed with his Islamic sympathies

"I just got more details from Fox News about the upcoming trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, better known in the press as "KSM," and four of his co-conspirators in the planning of 9/11.

You know, I really wanted to cut Obama some slack when he first got in the White House. But the more I learned, the more I saw, the angrier I got. I was angry with myself for allowing myself to be so easily duped.

Obama is allowing the people who planned 9/11 to be tried in criminal court in New York City, while those less dangerous are to be tried as planned by military tribunals. I can't help but wonder if one of Obama's closet skeletons is that he is a devout Muslim in Christian clothing who is siding with terrorists.

Consider that all during the campaign, a Bible-toting Obama attended Christian church every Sunday without fail. He'd been doing so for quite some time, but much of that time he spent in the Reverend Wright's church. Wright preached hatred and as such has no right whatsoever to be a man of the cloth. When he became a stigma, Obama resigned from his church and joined another.

But after the last of the glitter had dropped from ballroom ceilings after the inauguration, and weeks became months, I learned that Obama's church attendance had been part of the duplicity of his whole campaign persona. As far as I know, he's attended church but once since taking office, on Easter. What happened to the weekly attendance? It was nothing more than window dressing.

Suddenly, he's doing things that show far greater sympathy to Allah than Jesus Christ. The cutthroats who shoot at our troops in Afghanistan, if captured, are read their Miranda rights—even though it is a war on foreign soil. In what prior war has it ever been the policy of this nation that someone captured on the field of battle in a foreign and hostile land be treated as an American with Constitutional rights? None. That's why the Geneva Convention wrote up the rules of how those captured in battle are to be treated. Reading Miranda rights to the Taliban is as absurd as arresting a drug dealer and having him tried by a military tribunal.

KSM and four others 9/11 planners were to be tried in the proper venue, a military tribunal, where the rules of evidence are somewhat different. Much of what KSM confessed to was obtained after waterboarding. They would be admitted in a military tribunal. But, because the venue has been changed to a criminal court only blocks from Ground Zero, the rules have changed and ALL of the confessions KSM made are now inadmissable. Confessions given, in other words, will not be used against these men.

Further, because the trial is in the public domain, we risk having top secret material made public in open court, and by so doing, we are putting the lives of CIA agents and the identities of those who helped us to fight the Taliban made public for all to see? How? Because the defense is entitled to "discovery," which means the government prosecutors must make all information they possess, and that has bearing on this trial, avaibale to the defense, which is free to reveal the information in open court.

So the president has ordered Eric Holder, perhaps the worst attorney general this nation has ever seen, to have KSM and his cohorts tried in an open, public forum, but has lesser-known terrorists tried by military tribunals? Either he's schizophrenic, and thus unfit to serve, or Obama is trying to find ways to aid the Muslim cause. Very curious. Why aren't they all tried in the same venue?

That the most dangerous of the terrorists will be tried in criminal courts boggles the mind. If the government's evidence, absent the confessions, is insufficient, KSM and the four being tried with him could walk; set free to plan the next attack. To me, the president's actions come damn close to aiding and abetting the enemy, which constitutes treason.

And the president still hasn't figured out—or he knows but won't say it—that Hasan's Ft. Hood attack was a terrorist attack. The mounting evidence is irrefutable. On his business card, Hasan had SOA (Soldier of Allah) and he yelled the terrorist mantra as he opened fire, "Allahu Akbar!"

In addition, there is a PC clog in the dissemination of news through main stream media. The outlets involved are going out of their way not to offend Muslims. I wrote a post here yesterday about a federal judge nominee who says that the name of Jesus cannot be spoken in his court, but Allah can. Obama nominated him.

I don't do PC. I will say that many very fine people are practicing Muslims. But they have no idea who or what they are worshipping. I think Pat Robertson was right the other day when he pointed out that Islam is no religion of peace. How could it be? Those in the jihad, who carry the Quran with them believe that that holy book tells Muslims that they are to convert everyone to their faith. If they can't, they are to kill them. Hasan said as much at a conference held for doctors, and then launched into a Powerpoint presentation about jihad, not something medical. How much do we have to see before we call a terrorist a terrorist?

In addition, according to Pat Robertson, Allah is NOT the same god as Jehovah of the Jewish and Christian faiths. Allah, according to Robertson, is a desert moon god. That makes sense inasmuch as the God of the Bible would no more tell Christians and Jews to go convert the world or kill those who can't be converted than he would deny His own Son.

So exactly what is going on? Obama orders the masterminds behind 9/11—the biggest fish yet caught—be tried in a civil courtroom where there's a greater chance that they will be acquitted. And at the same time he allows those in a lower echelon to be tried by military tribunals? What's wrong with this picture?

Given Obam's socialist tendancies mixed with his Islamic sympathies, and his absurd unwillingness to make a decision about sending the troops requested to Afghanistan really makes me wonder about this man. It goes way beyond politics. Because he refuses to make a decision on troops, he's exposing the troops already there to growing danger and sharpening threat. What the hell kind of commander in chief waits this long to make a decision? It's been 11 weeks!

Then, he heads to a lonely airfield where the bodies of our soldiers killed in Afghanistan, are carried off the plane in flagged-draped coffins. There he stands and saultes one of the caskets. Do you know how many soliders he so acknowledged? One. It was a pathetic and outrageous photo-op.

So just who is Barak Obama? What god/God does he worship? Is he a Muslim sympathizer? If so, his allegience may just produce what's needed to impeach him.

Be vigilent. At some point he'll make a mistake and our mission will change from stopping his socialist agenda to getting him impeached and convicted.

To have these Barbarians tried in civil court is the greatest affront to the 9/11 familes and this country anyone with an evil mind could conceive.

And to think, I cut the man some slack!

by James Hyde posted on the wire of the group "The RIGHT Movement
Muslims in America
1970 - 100,000
2008 - 9,000,000 Is it any wonder we have a terrorism problem. That picture at the top could be Central Park any day.

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  1. Either the group surrounding Obama filling his cabinet, and Obama himself, are the most inept political team ever assembled, or they are the most destructive. I hope it's the former, because the latter is unthinkable in America. But in either case, whether intentional or through ignorance, the acts of this President and his team are clearly treasonous. Why hasn't someone acted on that fact?


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