Nov 19, 2009

Step DOWN Geithner....blame who?

Pressure Builds On Geithner to Resign…
Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) calls on Tax Cheat Obama Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to step down today during a House hearing.
Geithner supported the disastrous financial decisions that saw the national deficit triple in one year under Barack Obama:

It’s been a year since the President was elected,” the panel’s ranking Republican, Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, said at a hearing this morning featuring Geithner. “It’s appropriate for the American people to assess how well the administration’s economic policies are working. They are not. They have failed.”

“Unemployment has skyrocketed far past the White House’s projections and promises. America continues to shed jobs: more than 2.8 million since the stimulus was enacted,” Brady said. “We’ve had a series of embarrassing investigations about all the wild stimulus claims, the latest fake jobs from fake Congressional districts… You are the point man on the economy,” Brady said to Geithner. “The buck, in effect, stops with you.”
Geithner sharply rejected the call to resign and blamed the current state on what he inherited from Bush.
Ouch! ...and where was he then??? Mr Turbo Tax better get a clue!

That was today....Democrat Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon called for Geithner to step down yesterday.
Next Pelosi, Reid...then Obama

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