May 11, 2010

What happens when you TAX the masses.....

.....they get creative.
Politicians make the mistake of not hearing the people, they spend the peoples money, and then they increase taxes.

For those who have or think they have alot of money, adjusting will be a slow, slow painful process.
The so-called middle class have been adjusting for quite some time.
The Prepared have a much different approach and that is to Unplug from the system.

No matter, sooner or later, Vat or Flat, high taxes will change the profile and proclivities of the American people.

Americans by nature are pretty savvy, creative and inventive people. We could all just not pay taxes period and teach them a big lesson, because afterall, they can't put us ALL in jail, right? Nah... but there are options that hit politicians and municipalities in the pocket book and it's also completely legal and ethical.

* They say you can't squeeze blood from a turnip, so if you are living a lifestyle that allows you to work for minimum wage, then do it. Remember it's something like 40% of Americans who actually pay taxes in this country...Become one of the 60% who don't, and increase those numbers to 80% or more. If you are financially stable then work less whenever you possibly can and stay home.

* Drive as little as possible so you don't pay as much in fuel taxes.(Store some fuel,if you can,before the price goes up). If you can ride a bike, do it...not to go green, but to hit them in the pocket book. Walk more.

* Do you need that new TV, that new video, or that new whatever toy? Don't buy it. Avoid the sales tax every way that you can. Remember after 9/11 Bush told us to go out and spend our money for the economy? What good did that do for us? Hit them in the pocket book and refuse to contribute to anything that generates sales tax revenue. Shop at garage sales whenever possible..that's how you can help your local economy and keep money flowing to your friends and neighbors who need it most. Buy from them, not the big chain stores, tax free.

* Food. Many states impose sales tax on food...don't contribute. Grow your own, Can your own, Store your own. Keep the money at home. Start a garden or go to farmers markets. Barter with neighbors.
Shop LOCAL and support local. At least the taxes that do get paid stay local. Then there's classifieds, craigslist, internet sites, ebay and other taxfree outlets.

* Don't die. If you don't want your family to share your assets with the Gov's death tax, distribute or enjoy it now.

* Family - Staycations or local weekend outings...spend time with your family. Family fun comes cheap with local parades & backyard BBQ's, Arts in the Park and festivals, camping or day hikes. Become a tourist in your own state, just do it in ways that don't contribute to the tax base.

* Quit drinking if you can...or make your own. As far as I know you can legally make wine or brew your own beer most places in this country. Remember, don't let them get the tax revenue.
Quit smoking if you possibly can. (there's a reason they don't want to outright ban makes them too much tax money)

* If you can, live small, rent or think RV lifestyle. Don't pay the outrageous property taxes. If you feel the need to own a home, then own as cheap and small of a home as possible...they assess taxes based on property value. If you do intend to keep your home and plan to never sell, then do whatever you legally and ethically can to drive your property value down. Do you really need that addition or even fresh coat of paint? The inside can be as luxurious as possible but the exterior should be modest and plain....sound counter productive? I think not, not if it saves you money. Housing has gone down in value from 5 years ago, so have your property assessment readjusted at courthouse.

* Do you have extra vehicles that don't get used much? Boats, atv's, snowmobiles,etc. If you can sell them, then do, or at least park them and let the tags expire. Vehicle registrations are a big tax hole. Drive older cars especially if you live in a state that bases registration costs on the value of the car.

* Credit cards. Cut them up. Pay cash. Don't let the credit card companies profiteer off you. Get your finances off the grid so Federal Government can't get MORE income taxes.

* Utilities? Your call, since you will be spending more time at home, so enjoy. Phone and cable? Just look at that statement and see all the taxes added to the bottom line. Maybe you can do away with the landline and just use your cell phone.

When you start to pay attention to ALL the taxes, you will see that you have a bigger stake in the decision of VAT vs. Flat tax.
Unplug yourself from the system, at least as much as you possibly can, because you and everyone else will be doing it SOON anyway. Don't feed their system...starve it. It will suffer and they'll be forced to make real change.


  1. The beauty, the elegance, of your recommendations are, they will occur naturally as the economy shifts to greater tax avoidance.

    You think the underground economy is significant now? Just wait ten years.

    And the elite Left will be forced to draft even more Draconian legislation. For the kids.

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