May 31, 2010

Our National Debt Passes $13 Trillion--90% of GDP

For the first time in our history, the U.S. National Debt has now reached $13 Trillion and there is no stopping in sight.

The Obama Administration and the crazies that control Washington D.C. have proven they do not care about the future of our country and only care about getting their wacko agenda passed through Congress. They brush aside the idea that the United States will bankrupt, and instead they fatten their check book from contributions that will keep them in office and retain their power hold over the American people...

The House and Senate "spendulous" bills this last week include:

--$23 billion in a public school teacher bailout

--Extension of unemployment benefits through November

--Billions of dollars for more Medicare funding(doc fix)

--$4 billion in foreign aid to Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan

--$5.1 billion for Haiti

--$1.7 billion for police and firefighters

--$5.7 billion for Pell Grants

All we citizens can do is Say "NO" to unfunded spending, but then the DEMS aren't listening...they are just hellbent on bringing the USA and us down to the level of the other big nations that are in big,BIG,big financial trouble. The main plan is to enter into the global Union of the new world order on an equally fubared statis with no longer a 'free choice'...or Constitution either.

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