May 13, 2010

NOT your regular BOYCOTT post....

People who Boycott better not live in glass houses...

Thought it better to copy the actual newspaper article.......

It's hard to fathom how America's elected Congressional leaders, those who swore to uphold the Constitution and to protect the nation, are prepared to give it away for some perceived short-term political gain, if that. The front man for globalist corporations who currently occupies the White House is allowing Mexico City to dictate America's immigration policy, while few in his party object. Does anyone think that Vicente Fox cares about what happens to America? He sees the United States as a full refrigerator and he is hungry, very hungry.

Why do American public officials value so little what thousands have fought and died to protect? A foreign power has stated its plans to conquer this nation by demographic warfare, but in Washington, apparently no one cares.

Please take the time to read this wonderful article 'Mexicans Have Plans
for the American Southwest'
. They vow to take it over.

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