Dec 27, 2009

What's Gold worth?

Those commercials to invest in Gold flood the radio and TV. They say to secure your portfolios with gold. There's no doubt about it, we're in the middle of a very bad economy and 2010 is going to be a tough year.

If you look up the prices, you think there is 'no way' to get involved buying now.
As preppers, we have read that it is a good idea to have some on hand before SHTF.
So what's your reason or definition of gold & silver?? And what's it worth?

What if things get really bad? What if every "asset" you have disappears and you are on your own? What if the government is gone and there is no order? Gold coins will be your secret weapon to get through the mess. No matter what, they are always worth money. You will be able to use your old coins to barter and get yourself and your family to safety. Of course, it will be the wild west and you will need to fend for yourself and avoid getting taken advantage of (and your gold stolen) but if you're savvy, it's better to have gold on your side than nothing. Of course, in this case, it's unlikely you will be able to get to your safe deposit box and that's why I recommend being smart about hiding some gold and silver coins in your home and on your person.

Gold jewelry is going to be worthless in trade and gold bought from the trading houses and held in reserve 'on paper' is going to be worthless.
Only Coins...will be trusted.Gold coins or old silver, pre-1965 and in any condition, will be far more valuable that bullion chunks because it would be hard to make change from large amounts.
Coins in hand, are portable, readable, measured, authentic and good from any country. These coins will not be backed by any government, they are valued for just what they are...pre-measured valued asset in assayed metal.
Barter will be the fare of the day, but adding a few coins to the deal, will assure you make the trade. Adding a few coins in the post economy of your immediate trade area will also add 'currency' into the hands of those who didn't plan ahead.

If you ask the average person what they think about gold, they picture a pirates treasure chest of chains and goblets, bags of nuggets from a miner or they picture big heavy bricks at the Mint. When they see a coin, all they can come up with for value is just a little above face value for vintage sake. Check out this Youtube...

Average people on the street have no clue to the value of gold and silver. They don't realize they will need something of value when the paper dollar is worthless. Clueless is, what clueless they must have looting as their game plan when the dollar hits the skids....

And if gold and silver coins are not in your budget, better be checking with aunt Betsy or Grandpa NOW to see if they have some pre-65's in a fruit jar somewhere that you can trade some work for. Next best thing is to collect high priority barter items and that list is long. Buy junk coins in this recession, and your life could improve! I truly wish you the absolute best of luck and hope these tips help you through some difficult times.

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