Dec 18, 2009

STATES Nullify the new Healthcare Bill!!

Right on the heels of a successful state-by-state nullification of the 2005 Real ID act, the State of Arizona is out in the forefront of a growing resistance to proposed federal health care legislation.

This past Monday, the Arizona State Senate voted 18-11 to concur with the House and approve the Health Care Freedom Act (HCR2014). This will put a proposal on the 2010 ballot which would constitutionally override any law, rule or regulation that requires individuals or employers to participate in any particular health care system.
HCR2014, if approved by voters next year, also would prohibit any fine or penalty on anyone or any company for deciding to purchase health care directly. Doctors and health care providers would remain free to accept those funds and provide those services.

Finally, it would overrule anything that prohibits the sale of private health insurance in Arizona.

When a state ‘nullifies’ a federal law, it is proclaiming that the law in question is void and inoperative, or ‘non-effective’, within the boundaries of that state; or, in other words, not a law as far as the state is concerned

Five other states — Indiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota and Wyoming — are considering similar initiatives for their 2010 ballots.

Contact your State reps including your Governors, below is an example letter you can use.

To (your state) State Representative, (or governor)

You are my representative in the (STATE) State Government and I am asking you to represent me against the attack of my personal liberties. I am asking you to stand up for freedom and express to the United States Government that when they overstep Constitutional authority, (STATE) will not fall victim to their tyranny.

The growth of the federal government and the slow method at which they have been taking away our freedom is accelerating and we are spinning out of control. For some time now it has been apparent that the majority congress and the president care nothing about what we, the people, have to say about their spending, health care, cap&trade, immigration or any other bill they seek to pass.

As a citizen of (STATE), I want you to know that I am afraid of the steps the federal government is taking to compromise my freedom. I am also worried about the steps the federal government is taking to bypass the Constitution that was designed to protect me. I am writing you to ask you to protect me from the federal government.

When the federal government passes a law that is unconstitutional, the state legislature can simply write a resolution, pass it in both houses, then send it to the be signed by the governor telling the federal government that the law does not exist in the state. No Supreme Court case, no lawyers, the state simply says no. This is well within the State's duties and rights. If that is not enough, you have the Virginia Resolution written by James Madison, known as the Father of the Constitution. In this document he tells Virginia that the only way the union is to survive is for the states to watch over the federal government to be sure they exercise only the powers assigned to them and agreed upon in the Constitution.

More recently, the issue of nullification re-emerged when nearly two dozen states mounted a resistance to the 2005 Real ID Act. Maine and Utah led the way by passing resolutions to refuse incorporation of federal security features into state driver's licenses and identification cards. After fierce state resistance to its plans, the federal government delayed implementation twice and later announced it would "repeal and replace" the controversial law. Now states have turned their attention toward nullification of federal health care "reform" should it pass Congress this year and I would be proud to see Wyoming in the forefront.

Please sign a resolution of nullification for all legislation passed by the United States Government starting as soon as the resolution is signed. Write a resolution that states that any bill passed will not become law in (STATE) without the (STATE) government passing the law. The resolution must also say that the (STATE) government is not to change any meetings and must adhere to the State Constitution’s meeting schedule. Under the powers of the Tenth Amendment, (STATE) reserves the right to accept or reject all federal legislation.

I am asking you as my representative to request a special session if one need be called. I am also asking you to have the resolution ready to be entered into both houses with the same language to smooth passage as quickly as possible. This is necessary to ensure my freedoms and yours, so please act with haste.

In the end, "for desperate people whose freedoms are being systematically usurped by all three federal branches and both political parties, nullification may be the only key to restoring our republic."

(your name, address&email)

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