Dec 18, 2009

Fraud is Fraud

Is Carbon really the problem????

Of the three places where carbon is stored—atmosphere, oceans, and land biosphere—approximately 93 percent of the CO 2 is found in the oceans. The atmosphere, at about 750 petagrams of carbon (a petagram [Pg] is 10 15 grams), has the smallest amount of carbon.

So the Oceans of the world are the largest contributor to the global CO2. How are they going to stop that from happening? Marine plants and animals play a role in the uptake and release of carbon dioxide in the ocean. Plants, primarily phytoplankton, but also macrophytes such as this seaweed, take up carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which oxygen-dependent animals need to survive.
At 280 parts per million (ppm) by volume for at least 1,000 years prior to the industrial era. Atmospheric concentrations of CO 2 were constant because the carbon being removed from the atmosphere in some places exactly matched the CO 2 being added to the atmosphere in other places.

The oceans cannot be changed. People are the problem to these people. So to go back to the preindustrial era is the only way to get back to these numbers. That means no electricity, no cars, no planes and no industry. So in order to make this global change that is the current goal of the climate changers is to ruin the industrial world take us back to the pure agrarian days eliminate the people and animals they depend on for food.
If we go down this road, we are doomed to follow wacky science into oblivion to upset the oceans and our way of life to archive these crazy goals?
Sorry, I do not buy it.

Perhaps the facts that have been force feed by the so called scientists, where they admitted to doctoring the facts to make their conclusions where one even stated the trick he used was to add figures to the facts to reach Gore's stated objective, should be repudiated and criminal charges brought in every country these scoundrals exist in. Fraud is Fraud.

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