Oct 16, 2009

Refuse to pay the Obamacare TAX

What if we all refuse to pay the Obamacare tax? ...the tax needed to cover all the illegals.

A few thoughts on healthcare reform and the inevitable tax increase needed to pay its $1.3 trillion price tag. (and that amount changes daily, 2 trillion today)

•Our politicians make the excuse that there's no way to enforce immigration law because the government can't possibly imprison 7 million to 20 million illegal immigrants.(wouldn't a bus trip be cheaper...send them home)

•There are roughly 55 million registered Republicans and 42 million registered independents.

What happens if 97 million voters refuse to pay the new Obamacare tax increase? Can they jail us all? Even if they could, who would then pay for President Obama's "free" government-run healthcare?

From my bud at Full Metal Jacket!

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