Oct 29, 2009

Bit of Good News....kinda

Received today from the Patriot Post. US

Editorial Exegesis 10/28/2009

"With less than two months to go before the big Copenhagen Conference on global warming, two major nations have said 'no thanks' to the no-growth agenda. For that reason alone, so should we. Following a deal signed late Thursday between China and India, anything we might agree to do in Copenhagen is likely moot anyway. The two mega-nations -- which together account for nearly a third of the world's population -- said they won't go along with a new climate treaty being drafted in Copenhagen to replace the Kyoto Protocol that expires in 2012. They're basically saying no to anything that forces them to impose mandatory limits on their output of greenhouse gas emissions. Other developing nations, including Mexico, Brazil and South Africa, will likely reject any proposals as well.
The deal was already in trouble. Three weeks ago, the Group of 77 developing nations met in Thailand to discuss what they wanted to do about global warming. Their answer: nothing. William Hawkins, writing in the American Thinker, quotes a piece in China's Science Times journal that sums up how China -- and other developing nations -- feel: 'Why do the developed countries put an arguable scientific problem on the international negotiations table?' the article's author, Wang Jin, asks. 'The real intention is not for the global temperature increase, but for the restriction of the economic development of the developing countries.' They see clearly what the rest of us seem to miss -- that, for all its bad science, the Copenhagen Conference is about the world's Lilliputians tying down its Gullivers, not about global warming at all. So, thanks to China and India, Copenhagen is dead -- just as Kyoto was when it was signed in 1992, though no one knew it at the time. Without them, no global treaty on climate change will be workable." --Investor's Business Daily

Obama would have signed it but he has since decided not to go - something about verbage in the treaty - maybe the real reason is that We the Peole have been paying attention and with everything else going on in Washington, he just can't risk making a move in this direction yet.... and maybe his Dems in Congress are waffeling in their loyalty not go along with him.


  1. Good subject and post. I seriously don't think the word "risk" is in his vocabulary. They're all "above risk" in this adminstration, apprently.

    But don't dispair, be patient. He'll find something else to make us go "Hmmmm"??

  2. "G 20. Where we going here Mr. President?" is now posted on Consious Observer. Please check it out when you have time.


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