Aug 13, 2009

What's Next with Obama???

Obama reiterates his support for amnesty!

President Obama has restated his intention to provide an amnesty for illegal aliens. Speaking in Mexico, Obama said he wants to give "an opportunity for those who are already in the United States to be able to achieve a pathway to citizenship so they don't have to live in the shadows."

Health Care is one Pathway. The big push for Health Care Reform is not so much about changing the insurance structure and curbing Costs. It's about the UNinsured. It's about the millions of illegal's that have been accessing OUR hospitals and clinics on the 'free' ticket. If the 'free' food stamps and other HHS benefits aren't enough, strapping every State Gov's infrastruture to the point of bankruptcy, then I say there's a cheaper way to fix it! Obama wants to Fund the system by changing How and How Much the tax paying citizens are going to finance this health care for ALL. If he wants to allow amnesty to lawbreakers so that Democrats have 'some' voters in the next election....He does NOT need to do it at the expense of changing our fundemental Lifestyles and one of the BEST medical systems in the world.

If Obama wants to ask us citizens to finance the Enforcement of our Immigration LAWS....I think he can get Huge Support and the snitch hot-lines to the .Gov sight would be hot with all the leads he needs.

(and when the H1N1 runs rampunt this Fall, he will say, "we should have passed the Health CAre Bill" instead of addressing how we should have beefed up Border Security and protected American Citizens...which IS the JOB of the Government. Mark my words....)

While struggles over health care and the economy have delayed efforts to push the amnesty bill, Obama said he planned to have language for an immigration bill drafted this year and pass the measure next year.

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  1. I agree. But I have part of a solution as well. Instead of subsidizng health care for all these illegal immigrants year after year after year, why don't we do this? After all, we really are a compassionate country.

    When an illegal immigrant shows up for medical care, we provide it while at the same time calling the authorities. When the authorities arrive, and the necessary care is provided, the illiegal immigrant is then deported back to their own country.

    This will accomplish two things. First, IF there is a drain on the health care system by illegal immigrants, it will lessen over time as we deport them. Secondly, we will be actively engaged in identifying and deporting illegal immigrants, thereby enforcing existing immigration laws, and supporting those immigrants who have spent years of their lives trying to gain legal citizenship.

    This is obviously just a piece of the broader program needed to identify and deport illegal immigrants, but it's a start.


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