Aug 29, 2009

$1 will save you $9 If You Prepare Now

The former Army General that helped restore order in New Orleans after the chaotic days following Hurricane Katrina recently spoke at a Baton Rouge luncheon on hurricane preparedness issues and he challenged the attendees to, "start right away getting ready for the next potential disaster."

In his speech he warned the people that the cost of waiting to prepare was extremely high and he stated that, "Every one dollar you spend on prevention saves you nine dollars later."

He explained how people should not expect the Federal Government to come to their rescue and how it is every individuals responsibility to ensure their own safety. "HonorĂ© at times expressed impatience at what he saw as the failure of too many to have common sense in regard to coping with natural disasters. For instance, why, he wondered, don’t gas stations and drug stores all have generators so they can continue to operate and supply critical fuel and prescription drugs during emergencies?" Seems logical to me.

Last wednesday our local evening news announced that every citizen or head of family should make sure they have 2 weeks worth of food in their homes. Shocked me at first! It's the first time I heard it officially announced. It wasn't in reference to a H1N1 outbreak and the need to stay at home with sick kids. It was in reference to a widespread power outage....and that's exactly what has happened today. It didn't reach into our area, but close enough!

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - A large power outage has left thousands of people in western Nebraska and S. Dakota without power.

Nebraska Public Power District spokesman Mark Becker says a problem with a Western Area Power Administration transmission line that runs out of South Dakota into western Nebraska has affected all utilities in that region.

He says at least 14,500 customers NPPD customers from S Dak and 12,000 Nebraska are without power. The outage began about 11 a.m. Saturday. Becker says NPPD is slowly restoring power to its customers. Calls to Western Area Power were not answered. A recorded message stated the utility was closed for the weekend. Western Area Power provides power to 15 central and western states.
POWER OUTAGE - Power restored to western Nebraska and South Dakota. Problems with a transmission line switch that feeds power affected all utilities in that region.

Comparing the news today and the announcement on the news last week, this power outage could have been alot worse...the transmission line switch could have not went so well and power could have been off for up to 2 weeks with grocery stores and restaurants shut down for the duration. Just another reason to be prepared for all scenarios. Sometimes an emergency doesn’t need to be brought on by Mother Nature, terrorism or a major financial collapse. Get Prepared!

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