Aug 26, 2009

College Credit for Vision

To all the parents of teens soon to be launched off to college...Please pay attention to the classes they sign up for! I am relieved at the seriousness of education by the White House, but when did they ever plan the curriculum to this level? We used to joke about Basket weaving being a course for credit(no I am not picking on basket weaving)...

Now our youth can get credit for 'Vision'...and you pay for it!

* Organizing for America, the successor organization to Obama for America, is empowering students across the country to build on the movement that elected President Obama and help bring about his vision for change.

Now to all those who are suggesting for one moment that the Right is busing in folks to Town Hall meetings, I want you to think long and hard about an administration that is affording students credit for perpetuating the President's vision.

Students have to maintain so many credit hours each semester to be considered full time students and qualify for 100% of their grants and scholarships, so if they are taking 2 heavy classes and want the extra study time, they always look for light/easy/pud classes. What a nifty way for Obama to sculpt new liberal "community organizing' Acorn types....a step up from the ghetto crowd...don't cha think? Parents beware!

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