May 30, 2009

Stimulus saves day?

Back in March, President Obama traveled around the country telling Americans the benefits they were and would reap from signing the $787 billion Stimulus bill. He even warned that America might not survive if the bill was not passed. One of the success stories the President highlighted was in Columbus, Ohio -- where 25 new police officers jobs were saved. How is that working out for them just a few short months later?

Remember when Obama traveled to Columbus to speak at the graduation ceremony for 25 police recruits who owe their jobs to the economic recovery bill he signed into law just less than three weeks earlier? Obama also said this of the stimulus, said it includes aid to state and local governments to prevent firefighters and police recruits, recruits like the ones in Columbus, Ohio who were told that instead of being sworn in as officers, they would be let go. Well, it's been 100 days since the signing of the stimulus package. You know, the one they had to signed or else America would die. Well, what happened since then? Since the cameras were turned off and the president flew home and nobody's watching Columbus, Ohio.

For $787,000 Billion, there should have been a flood of success stories like Columbus? Jeez, what's happened? And the "Obama Times/CNN" would have been bringing these wonderful stories from all over the US showing us the results of his stimulus.

Unemployment in January, 7.5, February 8.1. March 8.5. April, 8.9. Good thing we passed that stimulus package. America would have 'really' been struggling without that stimulus, huh?

How are things going in Columbus, Ohio with those new officers that are on the street? Have we thanked President Obama for their jobs? Columbus has to go to the polls in August. The Columbus dispatch says if voters turn down a proposed income tax hike in August, nearly 300 police officers will lose their job. The 25 new officers who shook the president's hand will be among the first to go.

Wait a minute. So is that how the stimulus works? You dump billions of taxpayer dollars into the states to save them but it still doesn't work unless local taxes are also jacked up? I mean, I thought the stimulus funds were paying for those jobs. Why does Ohio need another tax hike to pay for the police officers that the stimulus funds just paid for?

Well, no matter what, President Obama got his photo op that day with the police officers which included this touching moment, looking at the graduates receiving their diplomas, Obama said, quote, this economy needs your employment to keep it running. I look into their eyes and I see their badges today and I know we did the right thing, end quote. No word on if Obama's planning on apologizing to the officers and to America for wasting taxpayers' funds on something that the City of Columbus was going to be forced to pay for and should be paying for itself anyway. And wasting our money on something Press Secretary Robert Gibbs now admits "Is only temporary."

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