May 14, 2009

Lights Out

Lights Out

After reading a great book puplished for FREE via the internet
called LIGHTS OUT....I have tuned-in my mind, my ears and have become more aware of current articles like the one above. Articles that should be on the front page of any newspaper. There are subtle hints mentioned on the radio and the papers, but not Headliners.
All you have to do is listen with a keen ear. There are things about pending economy failure, job loss and massive unemployment, business and bank failures, water quality, lack of border control and illegals, Soc.Sec and healthcare, ....all things that any 'One' or combination of, could break down and decimate the civility of the people of America, if they are not prepared.

Read this enlightening book LIGHTS OUT by HalfFast by going to HERE.

and then ask yourself how prepared you are to take care of your family, survive in any storm and just what kind of American you will be when it is over.

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